Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Countdown!

Schedule of Events:

Today: Packing the remains, dinner with My Love's Family.

Thursday: Work until 2, cash my check, Pack some more remains, 6pm=pack the 12x6 trailer. Pray that everything will fit in SOMEONE'S car. Maybe do some laundry. Maybe sleep over My Love's mom's house. Get Security Money Back.

Friday: Get up bright and early. Drive to MA. Sign lease and pay monies to nice landlady. Check out location of RMV in North Adams. Drive back home. Perhaps sleep over My Love's 'rents house. Perhaps laundry. Perhaps pick up anything we had to leave behind and shove it in my car.

Saturday: Bright and early awakening. Follow the loaded trailer and a train of cars (Or they follow me) up to the NEW PLACE. Unload. Take a breather. Get dressed. Go to the Prom.

Sunday: Unpack stuff. LOTS of stuff. Maybe re-arrange things.

Monday: First day at my new job!

No Pressure.