Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wonky Hours

And again I receive the random 3-11 shift. Good news! I am with Pat Irish and we are doing another delightful art project!

No name for the work-in-progres yet, but so far it looks like a lot of fun. Abstract IS fun. YOU may not like it, but I totally dig it man.

So... I should all be over soon. The reign of terror. No further words necessary.

BUT In other news - That interview I had that I didn't tell you about up in North Adams? They have lots of other interviews to do, unfortunately, so they won't have word to me until Just after June 2nd. Unfortunate, but true. So my hunt continues. Other news, My room mates may have a job before I do - which is humors and a relief at the same time. How nice would it be for me to have a litte R&R? I could cook and actually enjoy it! :)

So my fingers are crossed, ladies and gentlemen. My eyes are peeled for that better future - but I can't do it alone. No one can. Stick by me, and I will do my best not to dissapoint!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tickets, Tickets, Everyone!

I got a ticket this morning.

I was speeding. I was late for work. It was allright though, because he COULD have pinned me for having an expired inspection. Nice guy.

I sent it in as 'not guilty' and informed my parents that a ticket would be headed their way. Huzzah. :p.

I hope the officer has the kindness of heart not to show up on the day chosen for my court date. *grumble*

This does not delay my plans.

I have things to do!

1.) See my Brother whomp-ass in his boxing/fighting competition tomorrow! So excited to see him be bad-ass!

2.) Continuously check my e-mail and my phone for any and all updates of an employment or an appartment nature.

3.) Keep scouring for new a new job.

4.) Have some very rarely attained 'me' time. Like, all by myself. I could draw! I could write! I could nap! I could play video games! I could order a Pizza just for me! I could cook cheese! I could dance around in my undies! I could sing along to really bab pop music that I have hidden on my ipod!

*sigh* But then I'll have to go to sleep all lonely for the next few nights.



Monday, May 16, 2011

A Random Moment

This may very well fall under the Category of a Rant. May I offer my sincerest appologies now.

I need a new job. The one I have now is run by a petulant little brat and her ex-con son. The employees here live in fear of losing their jobs at the drop of a hat or the climax of a mood swing. We all know how much poison runs through the veins of this place, but one of us at a time is unable to clean it out. I feel like I want to start a revolution. I want to rebel against this faux-matriarchy and strike down our oppressor! (Well to be perfectly honest, the only one I would want to strike down is the trailer-trash, excessively idiotic, chintzy-tattoo-wearing, thugged out and completely asinine sone of hers.)

I do not feel comfortable here. I feel over qualified and under paid. I feel used and taken advantage of. And if this was a fair and loving world, I could go up to her, tell her I quit and just LEAVE without a second glance. However, we all know that it doesn't work that way. The world is a cruel, mercilessp lace, and sorry to say, but WE made it that way. If I were to give her my 2 weeks notice, I would get an extra week and then be unemployed without pay. Because she is a horrible human being with the meat of her conscious being eaten slowly away by her own weakness.

She has to get rid of her son, find a new career, and leave our lives so that all of us poor idiots can finally take a deep breath and get on with our hopes and dreams.

Someone find me a new job before I tip over the edge?

Pretty please?


Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. On the precipice. In the words of Flemeth, "You cannot be afraid to Leap!"

I remember moving up to North Adams the first time, my very first day away from the family and the familiarity. (It wasn't pretty. I was not happy.) I try to draw comparisons between then and now. I live on my own now, when before I had been surrounded by people. I could not bring anyone with me then, but now I can bring My Love along, as well as a comfortable group of friends. I was clueless and lost the first time, and now I will have my bearings, and readapt to the surroundings.

The other elements concern me, however. Moving from the comforts of a WELL KNOWN job, knowing the ins and outs... and going to nearly completely alien circumstances. A whole new work environment, new people to get to know, a new commute to get used to... Bigger paycheck to siphon out to the many different avenues that need financial filling in the money PIT OF HELL that is my life....

I have about 2 weeks if I get this job. 2 weeks to find a place. 2 weeks to move all my stuff. 2 weeks to party as hard as I can with all my buddies.



Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 9810 of my Life

Yay for math!

So how about that? 9,810 days I have been alive! Let's see how I can break this down...

4038 days of sleeping. (Approx. Maybe. I sleep in LATE when I can. Not so often recently, but ah well.)

5,200 days of daydreaming.

8,500 days of mild insecurity.

1,172 days of severe insecurity. (Approx. This also doubles as my self loathing time.)

2,000 days of being in love. (Approx.)

1,010 days of being loved.

720 days of having my own place.

1,745 days of maturity (In moderate doses.)

30 days of doing my own online comic.

740 days of having my own Blog.

12 days of complete sleep deprivation. (Approx.)

9,810 days of having no idea what to do with the rest of my life, and yet being both strangely content and utterly devastated with that drifting, listless freedom.


Count your days!

(Calculated by using 365 days in a year. Forget that leap year stuff. So yes, my math is wrong. :P )

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raining Again

Ok it is no longer April - It's time for those May flowers! Bring out the bouquets! Flourish little gardens!! I want to see vibrant, earthy greens and jubilant yellows, and chipper little purple crocus! Crocusts! Whichever! I want to go outside and take a nice deep breath of the smell of fresh cut grass! I want to be able to walk outside without a coat in the middle of the night!



More later!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zephyr IV

Witness the progress of the Zephyr IV as it travels through Border-Space! relive the events through the Travel Logs of Mission Specialist Nora Greene as she relays the happenings aboard the veteran vessel - The Zephyr IV!

Two entries are already up! Keep updated on the action!


Monday, May 2, 2011


There's this one tree outside the hotel that always seems to catch my attention. It is at the end of a row of parking spaces, just as you leave the rear exit of the building. It is situated upon an island of green grass, beside a lamp-post that is just about the same height, if not a touch shorter at this point.

Usually, I look at this tree, and am reminded of the season approaching. Wenever I have an evening shift, and I walk outside to my car at the end of it, I can see the tree illuminated with a backdrop of lawn, trees and night sky. I chose to ignore the sounds of the highway as they blare by between trees and sky, and in my mind it looks almost perfect. Every winter the snow on it is a reflective diamond of facets, and every spring, the buds and tiny white petals are a fresh, clean reminder of warmer weather.

Durring the day, it is no less pretty, especially now with it's flowers blooming, tiny white petals shedding off and blanketing the grass and parking lot around it.

I am very happy.