Saturday, April 30, 2011

Comic Update

The comic has been updated!

Also, Listen to the song 'Sail' by AWOLNATION. I thoroughly enjoy it.

The weather has been superb! I am more then grateful to have the past day off, busy as I was. At least there was time spent outside.

Here's hoping that you are also enjoying the hints of spring.


Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you gorge yourself on chocolate like I certainly plan to!

Now that we've gotten our pleasantries out of the way -

I have another project going. I call it "Zephyr IV: Travel Logs".

I wrote a short story many years ago. It was one of my very first attempts at Science Fiction. I wrote it in the form of a Crew member's travel logs, and it outlines a journey across outer space in a small shipping vessell. In the original story something goes terribly awry, and some sort of space-illness breaks out on the ship. Since I was very young, this was before I knew the Glory of 'firefly' so I only now make the connection between my fictional Illness and the Reavers from the show.

So My project entails afresh start to this attempt, inspired by E O Hatterpol and his tales on the Flybrary (Godspeed, my friend!). Mine will be a fictional enterprise, much akin tot he Tales of Therusia, however, I will be exercising my Infinite Characterization to embody a crewmember and write log entries on her behalf.

The beginning stage is at approximately 57% completion, so I will keep you posted. :)

Happy Easter Again! Cheers to new projects!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Haircuts Part II

Another thing about haircuts, before I continue my work shift:

I love people's reactions to said haurcut. We get all types, don't we? You get that one friend who has a bit of a lip crinkle and says, "oh. You got a haircut." Luckily, I have not received that yet. (Here's hoping.)

We also get those reactions fro people you didn't think would notice. Allow me to explain.

I work in Housekeeping. I know all of my housekeepers by name, and on occasion we BS a bit together, complaining about the job, laughing about how messy peoploe are, that sort of thing. I got into work just as they were finishing up, and on their departure - Not a one of them noticed my hair - or they just thought it was someone else. That didn't bother me a bit. In fact, the other Housekeepign Supervisor (My new superior) noticed, thinking it was a new girl at the desk. We had a laugh about that afterwards.

In housekeeping there are also two other sections we run. Laundry and Houseperson. (houseperson is the one who looks over the cleanliness of all the hotel common areas and offices. Vaccuming, general dusting, etc...) The Laundry man is a doll. A Complete Doll. He will do his laundry to the tunes of Dean Martin mixed with cha cha mixed with Spanish crooners and then back to Sinatra.

Well this man comes to the front desk to get himself a soda for the ride home, and he gives me a genuine double take as he hands me his $1.50. Then he goes, "WAOW, Yessica! WAOW!" And yes, the 'A' in there is a necessity.

He gives me two big thumbs up and a great little smile and waves as he leaves.

And as direct contrast and just as delightful, My co-worker comes in for his shift, looks at my hair and says, "what happened to your head?"

My response was a Lawnmower.

It got him to smile.




Something about haircuts brightens my day.

It's like shedding an old skin - peeling off the old persona and taking on a new one. I feel like cutting off the tips takes with it a bit of sickness that may have lingered there - like pot, I guess, how it lingers in your hair after it's already left most of your system. I also translate it to pulling some weight off of your shoulders. Prepping for a big show, Setting out on a new road. The vibe of a fresh step.

I won't say a fresh 'start' because I already feel like I've set out on this fresh voyage. But this haircut is just another step in my travels, some more scales I'm shedding. Leaving a trail of my old insecurities behind me as I stride forward.

Ever forward.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comic Review: Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem is a completed Webcomic written and illustrated by Sarah Ellerton.

The Phoenix Requiem is a Victorian-inspired supernatural fantasy story about faith, love, death, and the things we believe in.

On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him. Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse - and deciding to make a new life for himself in the town - he is unable to escape the supernatural beings, both good and bad, that seem to follow him like shadows.

As they try to discover why, the nurse must question her beliefs and risk her own life in order to protect her family, her friends, and those that she loves.

I was first introduced to this writer/artist through her first Comic project, "Inverloch" which can be reached through Sarah Ellerton's main comic portal, HERE. I have read both of these comics all the way through and loved them both is also startign a new comic series in conjunction with another artist, which is certainly worth checking out!

Sarah is a very gifted artist, and One thing I love about her work is the detail. I think she may be my very favorite for backgrounds and perception work. She does quite a few interesting angles - up above, down and to the side, landscapes, up close... And always there is a distinct level of detail; that doesn't leave you wondering if you've switched locations between frames.

Also, it's fun to watch all the tiny things that develop within her style as she's crafting the comic. This next picture is comprised of 2 images - the one on the left is Anya, the main character from the first chapter, and the one on the right is a picture of her later on in the series. (I don't want to give away any details!)

The comic can get very intense, and has a fantastic air of deep myth behind the historical-fiction-esque vibe. Another thing I like? It's Victorian fiction without being Steam Punk. Now I love Steam Punk - but I like to see the era be used for something else, too.

And yes, it has it's dramatic moments - which is what gives the story such a wonderful wirhcness and depth - but like any good comic, it has those moments to significantly lighten the mood.



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Comic Review: Fey Winds

Fey Winds, written and Illustrated by the Fantabulous Nicole Chartrand.

It is Fantasy based, following a band of misfit adventurers - an elven woman named Larina who is sporting a magic gem in her forehead that allows spirits to temporarily possess her; A Mercenary named Nigel with spiffy scars and seemingly endless patience for; a girl who is part fox, who was enchanted to be thus by a crazy witch, who is still getting a grip on some human social queues. Later on they gain the company of a dorky princeling who changes into a Dragon when he gets scared, (Syd), and a back-stabbing, gutless Faun-like-demon guy named Zeph.

Their adventures uncover the mysteries behind a legendary hero named The Sylphe, and another dark evil whp has a surprisingly hilarious band of minions called (you guessed it) 'The Minionz'.

The Art is well done and very engaging.

Ms. Chartrand is particularly skilled with expressions. For a few examples:

As hilarious as it starts out in the first chapter, it develops over time into a delightfully spirited (pun intended) romp in a thorughly fleshed out world. One of my favorite parts is the interactive map that she provides!

The updates are dependable, and the bonus material for voting for her comic is always a treat. I am a constant reader, and I feel like any of those who dabble in the reading of fantasy (Or perhaps MTG or comics, or RPG, etc...) will also find this comic set fantastic. GO!

Not only this, but she dabbles in both the Chibi adorableness and the serious epic brutality that some online comics boast about!! Both heart wrenching and HILARIOUS! In her own words:

Fey Winds is a stark, brutal portrayal of the heartbreak caused by pet
dander -- no wait --
Fey Winds is a silly fantasy webcomic thats halfway between spoof and epic

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Guide

The Elegant Witch - By Robert Neill

This book was purchased On my Birthday, April 2nd 2011 up in North Adams MA. The store is called Sanford & Kid, and this particular book was thrown in with a group of other misfits on the first floor.

It took me about ten perusal minutes to find it among the others. You see, I have a knack for looking at the books whose titles and bindings are too hard to read from the outside. I like having to open them and look - it gives you an idea of their flavor. How does it smell? Old and unused? If that is the case, then I feel the need to try and read it! Does it smell of some woman's perfume? Then it was loved already, and probably needs a bit of a rest before I crack the binding again. Does it have those NEW page smells? The processed paper with the glossy cover and the flimsy sheets? Because sometimes I just want something that smells old.

'The Elegant Witch' was one such as that. So I purchased it for about 4 dollars (What a steal! Hard cover and in excellent shape as well!) and took it home - along with a comic book about a squirrell samurai. (Story for another time.)

I have just finished the first few chapters. And as opposed to being a dry, humorless tome filled with advanced vocabulary just for the sake of HAVING advanced vocabulary, I can actually understand more then half of the things described therein! Of course, certain older items of clothing and their descriptions are lost on me, but that is what an imagination is for. It takes place in Early 17th Century England, and from what I read of the reviews (Which were few and far between, may I add) It noted that it was based upon the Pendle Witch Trials. (Of which, I would very much like to learn more.)

The Main Character is Margery Whitaker, a 16 year old girl raised in a Puritan household - though not conforming to it's dry, bitter ways. She delights in bright clothing, and smiling at boys, and using the wit God gave her. She is decidedly charming. Her family - siblings because her parents both passed on - cannot decide on what to do with her. Eventualy they decide it would be best just to marry her off; but first, they need a dowery so they can finally be free of her. Assuming of course no one would marry her otherwise, Margery is shipped off to her cousin, because none of her immediate family is willing to give a dowery to such an 'unwieldly' young lady.

I don't want to give away too much more. She and her cousin end up getting along very well. The style has a certain, 'I-was-written-in-a-very-stuffy-society' lilt to it, where sentences happen to drag on, and large words are inserted at strategically awkward locations in the sentence, if only to prove a pont, however little the worth of the point may end up being....


However, It is also a very witty book, with a main character that I actually feel that I can relate to and engage with. And I LOVE her cousin. LOVE. I LOVE ROGER NOWELL. (Her cousin.)

It opened a little slow, however I was able to eat it up after a few pages. At present, I feel that the pace is very healthy, and I'm not being left too far behind. I think the only thing legitimately tripping me up is his enthusiastic, (and I hear, very accurate,) descriptions of period items and clothing. I really don't have any idea what half the things that Margery is wearing actually are. But hey, I am assured that they look lovely on her, and I trust Mr. Neill so far!

It's OTHER/Original title is "Mist over Pendle" which is what it was called when it was released in Europe. Not sure why they changed it to the Elegant Witch, but ah well, there you go.

Spring Decorations

Here at the hotel, one thing we don't skimp as much on is decorations. (However, that could be argued, considering most of the times it's the dollar store, or someone's hand-me-downs. But I digress.)

After Thanksgiving, and I mean immediately, Christmas decorations had taken their place. After New Years, those were torn down and relpaced with tacky red hearts and pinkand purple flowers. As soon as it was February 15th, they came down and the cheesy Easter colors came out.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers. I honestly do, I think they are beautiful and unique. And it's even better when they smell good, of course. But We have over 2 dozen little pots of Tulips slowly decaying all over the lobby areas now. If she had ever gardened in her life, she would probably have realized that this whole NO UV in the crappy lighting would drain them dry eventually. The windows are big, but despite the weather being recently crappy, there is also the issue of keeping the blinds down to we don't blind ourselves at the desk.

The purple tulipd were the first to go. Now all that's in those purple pots are long empty stems and slowly curling leaves. The next ones, only now starting to show signs of wear are the white ones. The yellow ones are holding up nicely, and I'm cheering for them...

So it's not the flowers I'm calling 'cheesy easter decorations.' Dollar store pop-open plastic eggs, wooden, poorly painted easter bunnies, cardboard cut-outs of easter eggs and baskets taped to the breakfast buffet and the ceiling....

Now I say go for it. decorate if you want to. But we're corporate, here. If we're oing to decorate for YOUR favorite holiday, you damn well better cater to all of them!

Now for the kicker -

Did you know my boss refused to decorate for Halloween? Called it a waste of time.


Feel my pain!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Idea Stretch

Sometimes you will have a mind-blowing idea. Something that you dream up that is original and sparkling in it's newness. And you will grab at this idea and take in all the possibilities, like a drunk with a bottle of expensive booze.

But ... what to Do with it?

I had a dream last night, (my love will attest to this) that totally rocked my braincells. I was tense and breathing funny, I would struggle and groan in discomfort, but when I awoke, it was with a sense of awe and inspiration!

The things I had seen - starlit seas where I could not gain my bearings, for they were so clear! Mountainsides lush with the greenest and most curious plants! Flying creatures that looked like miniature galaxies and celestial bodies, singing strange songs in my ears and asking me to follow them...

Forgive me, by the way, for the comic. I have the page, I just have yet to scan it, actually. *blush* My mistake.

But anyway...

I feel that I am on to something here. I have thought about it all day, trying to recall the slightest details, the tiniest fragments, and even now something is brewing in my mind. I positively ACHE to tell it so someone. To tell it wo the world! To have others see the madness and wonder that I have seen!

Wistfully yours,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why, exactly?

No one has asked this, save for myself. Then again, I guess I ask it enough of myself so that no one else really has to.

Why do I do this? Write on this blog and do that silly comic, and throw out my opinions all the time?

It's not as if I think people are going to become fantastically inspired and change the world becasue of what I'm saying - though that would be awesome, won't lie to you there. I don't think that THIS is the medium where I will (If I am destined to) become renowned for my wit and craftiness. I do not see myself as the present day Shakespeare and I don't flatter myself to think that my writing is the end-all be-all of epic fantasy and fiction.

Come on now. That's just silly.

So why do I do it?

At first I think it may have been about my ego. Which is funny, considering that I'm not the most self-confident person out there. I have my insecurities. And then I think it was the novel idea of strangers reading and enjoying what I write. The idea that I could bring a grin to someone's face or touch them in some way with my words made me so... euphoric. Like a good drug, really. I think it may have happened a few times.

Now? Well, it gets me writing. It is ever important to keep writing. No matter the mood, no matter the content - just write. Write to live. I feel like journals are intrical. If you cannot express yourself, how would you be able to express dozens of characters that you made up? Certainly not accurately.

So maybe I just see it as an exercise. Or maybe I am validating my feelings where I can have some possible viable witnesses to see it.

But whatever the reason, if you are reading or not, I think I'll keep going. Who knows - maybe I'll figure stuff out. Or maybe this will be worth something someday.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To: The World

My dearest friend,

Lately I feel like things have been a bit strained between us. I'm sorry if I have been stand-offish, or rude, and I know I may have acted spitefully on several occasions... but I suppose I was just hurt by your behavior towards me.

We used to be such great friends! Thoroughly enjoying each other company, going on adventures, relaxing, taking in the sights and sounds and feelings of our youth...

What happened to you?

I remember a world that would not suffer fools, wouldn't take crap from anyone, and sought vengeance for any wrongs done to her. For a while there you really had me scared. I saw all the crap that people do to you and it makes me so sad. And watching this... seeing you just sit there and take it, well, I found it hard to respect you. So I got angry, because I still loved you.

And as you got more and more wounded, I got more and more angry, and I knew there was nothing I could do for you except do a lot of talking. But you're my friend. I want to do more.

I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you. So I wanted to say I'm sorry that I judge you so harshly... but I can tell that you're trying to make things right. In your own twisted little ways, you're trying. I can't say that I approve of your methods... but hey, thats why I'm writing this.

I hate that I can't get away from you no matter how hard I try. You're everywhere around me, and all I want to be is unseen. You think I'M a harsh judge? That's another thing, World, you are a far harsher judge than I, I don't care who says what. I am not my own worst critic. Not by a long shot.

Which I could never understand... You're sitting there bleeding out, drugged and busted, and you're giving ME the eye? How dare you.

But... Enough of that. We both have to move on and survive. It will hurt, granted, but we have to. What other choice to we have, World? You can't die, and I don't want to. So suffering our own existances will have to suffice for now.

Good Luck, World.


Friday, April 8, 2011

New Goals!

Greetings followers of the Oru!

Let me just say how much I enjoyed doing that free stuff give-away. I like giving things to people - thats my favorite part of most holidays, in fact.

However It's not as fun when there aren't a bajillion people with their hands raised, clamoring for the random items that could go to THEIR doorstep! Don't get me wrong, I love each and every one of you who applied for this thingie, and I managed to put all the entries into a rocks glass and shake it up real good... but I have to admit...

I KNOW That you guys love me - even YOU. The one who secretly looks at my blog without signing up for the following and the contests and the things. Don't be afraid - I'm not going to bite you! Come out! I would love to meet you!

SO. Here's the rub. I will accumulate a ton of fun stuff - Oru approved Items - until the day that we (The BLOG) reaches 50 FOLLOWERS.

On that day I will announce another give-away, of epic proportions!

Ready yourselves, readers! Spread the good word of fun times and wierd blogging! go forth and accumulate followers!

Until Then - If My ORU page on Facebook gets to 50 followers - There will be ANOTHER opportunity for free stuff!



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Mannabird

Time moves very slowly for the Mannabird. She gazes with a strange yearning at the slow-moving clouds, tiny puffs of wintery chill issuing from her mouth. To say that her feathers are ruffled would be an understatement - one can tell from the way her collar twists by the nape of her neck, or how the hem of her jacket is tucked behind her wrist, hand thrust into her pocket.

The Mannabird no longer displays her flashy single feathers. She has chosen herself a mate - and the mature, office-lounging persona suits her plumage just fine. The Mannabird is content with her nest and her pack - but something is not sitting right with her.

Perhaps it is the climate.

Her habitat is failing on her. Pieces of her domicile are wearing thin, and she does not like the way she can see through some of the threadbare parts.

So the Mannabird casts her eyes to the sky. Where would be suitable for her pack? For her and her mate? Where can she spread her feathers, show off her new plumage and be appreciated for the last of her kind?

She casts her eyes to the North, a land of mountains and snow, a land of collegic endeavors, a land where stories had taken first root in her mind, and she smiles. She snorts one last plume of the chill night air, and heads back inside, coat flapping behind her like tailfeathers.

The MannaBird is going back to Massachusetts.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Congrats to ...


You have won the Oru Give-Away! I'll send you an e-mail so you can reply with your mailing address, and your goodies will be sent forthwith to your residence!

Thank you again, all six of you for playing!



Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Day!

It is the LAST DAY of the Oru GIVE-away!

Remember - I have set aside some handy books for writing, good reads, stationary, paper products and things, pens, etc...! Don't miss out on the excitement!

I have four entries so far - And REMEMBER!! You get to post One entry per medium you follow me: I.E. If you read my blog, and watch for updates on either my Oru group page or the new page I put up yesterday for Me, Oru, you get to put up TWO entries. One for each site - same format, in two different places. :)

Double your chances now!

Because I am going away to visit some of my favorite people this weekend - The winner will be revealed Monday Morning.