Monday, April 18, 2011

Idea Stretch

Sometimes you will have a mind-blowing idea. Something that you dream up that is original and sparkling in it's newness. And you will grab at this idea and take in all the possibilities, like a drunk with a bottle of expensive booze.

But ... what to Do with it?

I had a dream last night, (my love will attest to this) that totally rocked my braincells. I was tense and breathing funny, I would struggle and groan in discomfort, but when I awoke, it was with a sense of awe and inspiration!

The things I had seen - starlit seas where I could not gain my bearings, for they were so clear! Mountainsides lush with the greenest and most curious plants! Flying creatures that looked like miniature galaxies and celestial bodies, singing strange songs in my ears and asking me to follow them...

Forgive me, by the way, for the comic. I have the page, I just have yet to scan it, actually. *blush* My mistake.

But anyway...

I feel that I am on to something here. I have thought about it all day, trying to recall the slightest details, the tiniest fragments, and even now something is brewing in my mind. I positively ACHE to tell it so someone. To tell it wo the world! To have others see the madness and wonder that I have seen!

Wistfully yours,


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