Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Hate Combat

Allow me to present a rather frustrationg algorithm for you.

In order to get the desired result (which is "A Playable Role Playing Game System That Anyone Can Enjoy") Please complete the following equation.

Time / Character creation, Combat mechanics, Modifiers, skills, attributes, merits, quirks, backgrounds, starting races and bonuses, penalties, lore, bestiary, all other world-crafting anomalies.

(Convert minutes to an appropriate numerical value to encompass the creation of all the above things.)

Everything is easy. EXCEPT Combat. Combat is more like this:

Combat = melee - defense + bonuses provided by any number of the above anomalies.

Which in theory seems easy. To me, this simple equation looks like 

A = (xy/3) [(Grr + %50 chance of blah) + (nonsensical skills - Opponents nonsensical skills)]
ALL divided by the fact that I hate math and why can't I just make a game that people can play without being giant picky troll-faces who hate everything!?!?!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bad Dreams

So I didn't really trick anyone today. However, my brain played a nasty one on me this morning.

Aventine: One of the seven hills on which Rome was built.

Sorry, I got a new CD and it is titled 'Aventine' and there's a song about 'Aventine' and I had no flipping clue what the heck 'Aventine' was. Now that I know, some of it is more confusing, but some of it is clarified. Very poetic though. I suppose.

Whatever, I love the music.

Now, onto my bad dream. Last night I took some medication 'cuz I had some discomfort from stuffing my face at a china buffet. I slept soundly until 3:45am, where I kept waking up every twenty minutes or so, apparently just for whatever-the-hell. The last instance was at 6:30am, when I decided to go back to sleep until the last possible second, which was 8am when my alarm was to go off.

I slept until I started dreaming. In this dream I worked at a beautiful, roomy office with tons of other people who knew me and my family. The building was large, but located pretty much in the middle of an untamed wilderness, surrounded by forrest and noisy creatures and large, ominous shadows. I was dressed very nice. I was waiting for my love to come get me, but when he never came I started looking. I saw two men stuff him into a (granted, very large) filing cabinet. He looked hurt, so I went to investigate, those two men watching me as I did so, only to find him dead in the drawer. (Heinously so.) They then coerced me to commit crimes like theft of company property.  Then, when I had the earliest opportunity, I decided to kill them both in vengeance. (Heinously so.) Then, I attempted to walk home in three inch heels and a short skirt in the freezing snow and hail.

The moral of this story is NOT to go to sleep on medication meant for upset stomachs. Just live through the discomfort, trust me. Better then waking up in cold, confused, tear-faced sweats!

My body plays better pranks then I could. Yet, they are even more wildly inappropriate then mine would be, and not even funny!! Geez.