Sunday, October 24, 2010


No matter how many days off in a row you get, it never fails to dissapoint you all the more when you finally return to work. It's as if you thought the time would allow whoever was stioud to get smarter, or whoever was an asshole to develop a conscious. However - as much as a delight that would be - as well as an improvement on the quality of your life - it never happens.

In fact, usually when you return you hear all of the BS drama that occured in your absence, and that one of your very favorite co-workers was fired because they couldn't work a Saturday. Or that your boss faught with another boss nearly non stop because they were pompous or something, or that everyone's grouchy because of this or that, or that yes indeed, regardless of the fact that it is SUNDAY the boss will inevitably come in for all of 10 minutes just to yell at you and tell you how shitty everyone is here, and that we can't tel anyone she bitches (though we do) because it's apparently HER right to be inappropriate and unprofessional.

The bright side of your day so far? All the girls you need to clean the rooms showed up on time, and you got a new spiffy lint-roller on a stick that rinses off and is uber helpful.

Thats when you know you need something better in your life.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Well then!

Enough of that mopeyness! The feeling is rising on the horizon, grinning with jack-o-lantern teeth and dark little skelleton eyes - The divine beauty of fantastical fun that is HALLOWEEN!!

Ahh yes, the joyous time is nearly upon us! ALAS! I have myself a dilema!


From last year I have a leftover Aviator, although I must dig up and discover the hat I purchased for it, as well as find the goggles that were lots of fun... Or, I have plenty of medieval goodies, however I feel that I overdo them sometimes, and am having trouble making them seem new and interesting. I have a Griffin - yes, a griffin - but it is in dire need of repairs.

My Love and I are thinking of going as 'Jack' and "Angel doll" from the Plucker Novel/illustrated book by Brom. A Fascinating set of characters - however, if that is the case, I most certainly have to get cracking! Lots of ghoulish things to do!

One thing to share, a fun halloween treat I love to make - Rice Crispie pumpkins!

1. Create rice crispe treats verbatim from the back of the box of rice crispies. BUT:
2. While the marshmallow is completely melted, THAT is when you add a combination of red and yellow dye to create a festive orange! (I would suggest a touch more yellow then red, as to prevent PINK pumpkins.)
3. Continue until the rice crispies are totally coated in orange marshmallow goodness, then take out in small clumps and roll into balls.
4. After the ball is rolled, stuck your thumb in one side, and take one of those green spearamint gummy leaves you so often find at shoprite or gasstations, and upt it in the hole you just made.
5. Situate them on the tray and enjoy!

HOpefully more fun things to follow!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

What to Write

I had an amazing post here and now it's gone.

I hate life.