Monday, February 28, 2011



I was bored so I went onto And discovered that...


Go here!

*Happy Victory Dance!*


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Episode 2

Episode 2 is up and running. This was fun to do, even more-so than the first one. Which is probably why it's so freakin long. It runs 2 seconds past 10 minutes, and there's blood in it.

MWHUAHAHA costume blood! So much fun!

Now this one is just the clip, no little end snippet, and Yes the sound is still messed up. I did my best.

PS - Yes. The Oru is fully aware that it's garbage - BUT IT WAS FUN GARBAGE!

*wicked grin* stay tuned!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Walker Journals

And here I explain my inspiration.

The Walker Journals were done by a friend of mine. Currently, there are 5 episodes circling the youtube universe, and you can find them all HERE.

The first one, like many firsts, is where he's gettign his bearings. Getting used to the camera, the props, the environment, working out his own inner scripting. It's still very good - but just WAIT until you get to number 3 - Gearing Up, it is both dark and has moments of hilarity.

Any gamers in the house? THAT will be your favorite episode. He even goes so far as to not shave his face, to give us a nice little view of a sleep deprived, near-starved survivor, who is way too on edge to be putting any sharp objects near his own face.

One of my favorites was Episode 4: titled "Zombie Sweet Spots". As opposed to the light hearted and near jovial tone of the 3rd one, this one takes me for a spin. He actually demonstrates impressive emotion as he tells his audience about another survivor he stumbled across. Broke my friggin heart.

Give credit where Credit is due, I say! And if it hadn't been for this man and his awesomeness, I would not have made my crappy little 6 minute video about the end of the world. :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Daphne

Meet Daphne. She has just unwittingly survived the initial freak-out of the zombie apocalypse! Conrats to her!

See her first journal entry here!

And enjoy the Hilarity of Oru making a butt of herself!


Friday, February 18, 2011



I hate it when that happens.
See originally, this post was quite long and started very differently, but because SOME computers are DUMB...


1.) One act play. Had a reading with my parents that went very well, and I got some embarrassing errors out of the way. huzzah! I just want to adjust the ending. See I had 2 endings put on there, and the one with the happy-goodness is in the lead for votes. I'm still torn. Hmm. (<-nutshell summary.)

2.) I role play on line in the 'play-by-post' style. I find it refreshing that everyone else involved in this interactive environment of joint storytelling is unpredictable in their character movement. I find it helpful to test-drive my characters in such a setting. I can produce many pages of writing in a single good day using that medium. So yes, I am still writing. Also, I am writing this RIGHT NOW which should also give you an indication. (<-Another nutshell summary.)

3.) I will take more time to elaborate on this project. FIRST you will have to visit THIS:

Zombie Journal #1 - Brought to you by the Canadian Sensation, The North-Bound Giant, The Character Craftman Extraodinaire, The one and Only Ray King AKA Gigantor.

After this episode there are 4 more, and if my plans for tomorrow go awry, you will see them all before I get a chance to (Due to my flakey internet access.) Watch them, share them, and enjoy them. Because I have spoken with the Diety of the Demented, the God of the Grusome, the Spirit of the Suspenseful, and he hath given me the 'ok' to do my own responses to his project. And thus his audience will be mine, and mine will be his.

And so, The Oru hath obtained for herself a webcam. And the youtube sensation has begun.

Dun dun dun!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alaric Kaine

AKA - "Dark"

I met this guy while at a gathering of all of his siblings. Naturally - he wasn't there. He's that elusive oldest brother - the one to leave the nest first, as soon as the next oldest is fit enough to look after the rest. With a family of 10, thats's a big responsibility to leave behind, right?

Anyway, I imagined him wearing all black with gold trim - something very nice but not too terribly ostentatious. He's proud of his perfect smile and straight hair, and pale features. He likes to think that he is very symetrical, and in symetry there is a sense of perfection. Sometimes, I think, when I look at him that he's trying too hard to be even. He's trying to betoo human, which is where his inhumanity shows.

He seems perfectly normal - save for the inadequacy within social situations that no hermit or touched individual could rival. Where we have filters and switches for what not to say and what is ok, his are in a perpetual state of 'blunt'. He does not do this out of malice or anger, however - in fact he is the calmest person you will ever meet. He usually goes around asking obvious or overly intimite questions of people with a friendly smile on his face, and to his credit he usually gets answers.

But none of these answers are the ones he seeks.

He has been told why a man loves a particular woman - why a woman scolds her children in such a manner - why this child chose one candy over another - why that man was better in bed then that man - why one man will not pursue another woman - why do this? Why do that? But the one question that burns in his chest that he cannot ask, and fears to ask is far more personal. Too personal to bear in a truly feeling body of flesh and bone.

Why did you people kill my family?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ah Out-Sourcing!

I am mildly put-out.

A great corporation, world-wide in it's fame, with a proud and strong heritage, has dissapointed me. And no, it isn't just my own management that irritates me at the present - we've been through that several times, and I'm sure it bores you.

This goes beyond irresponsible and unprofessional management.

"The Hotel" has a help desk and suport system to help fix problems with their reservation system! A few WEEKS ago, our computer fails. And the system is all inclusive, our passwords to get into ther windows networks also gets us into the reservation system. The reservation system links via internet to databases, etc...

This computer is still inopetrative. It is online yet possesses neither basic microsoft software nor the actual reservation system. The help desk has not been helpful. In fact, this is the point that upsets me -

"The Hotel" corporate outsources their help. Outsources. As in the Help Desk is not employed in America. Where millions, (literally MILLIONS) of people are unemployed, "The Hotel" a company that BEGAN and FLOURISHED in America - outsources to India.

And of course, this is where they have no idea what they are doing. Several times they said, "you can take it from here" or "we'll call you back" when it involves actually linking into the system from an outside source to find and install our very vital systems.

Hm. Maybe we should boycott "The Hotel" until they find a suport team of specialists WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

Just an Idea.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Top 10 Things...

...for a Storyteller to do to Her Gamers.

Please, take into account that this means 'top ten things that would make the story THAT much juicier.' Or eve, 'top ten things that will really send the characters out of their element to see if they can adapt and change like real people.' These are not necessarily NICE things. Be warned.

Yes, I have been known to do these things on occasion.

10.) Dump a rediculous sum of money in their laps.
They will either a.) flaunt it, spend it everywhere, make bad decisions, drink ale, have sex, do illegal things and then eventually be broke, or; b.) they will be come the most frightening things int he game. Experienced, and well financed adventurers who can buy pretty much anything they want. Daunting and unfortunate. This can help to pull into focus the character's flaws - how greedy are they? Or perhaps, it can alight on how charitable they are. These small details make a character truly real.

9.) Introduce them to a really cool NPC [non-player character. i.e. one that I make up.]
This can go down any number of ways. I have experienced my players instant attachment to them, and I have also seen them immediately attempt to dispatch, destroy, lose, or ditch said character. In any case, t his character should be side-plot specific, with lots of fun history to explore, and really REALLY useful tricks up their sleeves. This will inevitably make them invaluable to the players, as well as endear the characters to them. It can also explore character development in regards to friendships.

8.) Give them a fun pet.
Most of the times this would be a horse - useful and practical, able to carry them and their scant belongings. it also increases their travel time, which is very important so as to keep the interest of your players. You can still keep the realism of travel time as long as you assure them that every moment of every day will NOT have to be played out. But back tot he point - give them a pet. How they treat that pet will also give the story teller a very good idea of what kind of character they are - and perhaps what soft spots they have.

7.) Make them stumble upon a curious item.
This can be used as a plot hook, a device to further your own storyline, or some sort of golden thread to lead the players to whichever direction you chose. This can be a golden scepter, a small wooden music box, a book, a quill set, a molten and damaged statuette, a cloak, a shoe, a cannonball, anything you can think of. Just give it a touch of significance, and they will take it and most likely run. (This is especially funny when you give them something sharp.) This will reveal to you some of their inner workings. Will they try to pawn it imemdiately? Will they ask others about it? Will they obssess about it? Will they totally ignore it?

6.) Introduce the misfortune of a Player's NPC.
many players will come up with their own back-story. This means they have created their own relationships between the character and their family and close friends. You, as the storyteller, can do with these as you will. One thing that will trigger a variety of juicy and heart-wrenching responses is to kill one of these side-characters off. And if you aren't as cold hearted as I, simply injur them. Perhaps kidknap them! Or have them run out of town! This can also spark a sense of obligation in your character, which can then be used to fuel the story-line you have taken ages to create.

5.) Introduce a Villain.
One would think this would have been earlier on - but I like to make my players wait for their villain. I let them hear snippets of them, sneak a bit of information in here and there, and then I like to slap it on them as hard as I can. it is this power of surprise that keeps your players interested! Anyway - Villains are delicate work. You must be very cautious to keep yourself as a person as far away from this character as possible. Not only may it effect your general mental health, having to pretend to be this raging psychotic - but you may lose a great deal of fun if you get too lost in those darker, mor eunfriendly urges. In other news, Villains can cause a group to band together - or split appart. This is a good time to see how united your players are, and how genuine it seems to be.

4.) Place restrictions on character creation. :)
This is not a frequent flier in my book, but I do like to tip the tables away from the players every now and again. Most recently, my stipulation was HUMANS ONLY. It strips away the possibiity for any one character to be more powerful than the other. It keeps them on level ground from the get go, at least in regards to getting struck by lightning or assassinated. This will also give the story teller a nice foreboding on the character's goals and ambitions. It will give the players the chance to build those as they explore the options of what they can become.

5.) Random Acts of Natural Catastrophe.
A tornado. Hurricane. Storm at sea. Flood. Drought. Famine. Earthquake. Hailstorm. Snow. Blizzards. Icey rain. Monsoon. Tidal waves! Your players will have no choice but to react - none can control the unadultered power of the Earth in all it's fury! This will give you a glimpse as to the player's panic-points. what happens to them if they have no options? How good of a sport ARE they in dire situations? And their characters?

4.) Take them to New Lands.
Pick them up and take them to a fresh page in your imagination. Draw up secret maps. Knock the characters unconscious, and have them wake up in the middle of no where, without a clue as to where they are going. See which one becomes the party leader, and pick out ways that you could bring him down. Does he care for his companions, or is he using them? Does he fear these circumstances or revel int he challenge? The barrier presented by language differences AND cultural differences is SO FUN to play. Nothing like yacking in gibbeldy-goop to your players and watching their faces screw up in confusion. Love it.

3.) Put them in a Risque Brothel.
...Oh come on, that's just funny.

2.) Kill the afore-mentioned Cool NPC.
This has to be done after a great deal of interaction, after the players have become accustomed to his/her presence. They must realize that the character is away, and when they discover what happened to said NPC... what happens next? Do they swear vengeance against the fiend that had slain them? Or do they hoold vigils all night without eating or sleeping? This can also let you see if they, the players, liked your character to begin with. it is inevitable - one cannot truly separate yourself from your character, and if the player liked him/her, then the character somewhere, will appreciate him/her.

1.) Whatever you gave them? Take it away.
This is where my players usually say I'm mean. In more colorful terms, hehehe. That large sum of money you had? Mine now. That item that glowed blue sometimes, that you were oments from figuring out? Oh, that's mine too. How about your pet? whoops, look at me taking your stuff! Fling them into action by a violent and abrupt means and it will force your players to react faster. Enforting turn length also helps, but don't be a pain. If they had a clever one liner ... lined up... they should be able to say it. But try to keep it fresh. Take the item/person/idea in a vio,lent means, and you will be met with violence. In a stealthy means, perhaps they will brood. But either way, the players may or may not reveal how comfortable they are with each other through out play.

My eyes are starting to close, unforutnately. My sincerest apologies.

I hope that was the tiniest bit entertaining! Adios amigos!


ps - spell check is So not happening right now.


There are so many rare and beautiful things in the world. Flora, expressions, experiences, objects, ideas, scenes, moments, microcosms of time...

These may be the ramblings of an over-tired mind, but I have a beautiful life. i truly do! Regardless of the illusory pit I have dug myself with money that was never really physical to begin with, over the purchase of an immaterial thing such as education.... I am in a rare state.

I have love, I have happiness, I have my health, my home, my family and friends. I could go on, but I am honestly not in the mood to talk all rainbows and butterflies and crap. Which is funny, because I actually am in a pretty good mood. Maybe it is because I am delerious with sleep deprivation - for such a good reason.

I love telling stories. I love it. I love roping players into my mind and letting them loose on the terrifying wonders that lay there hidden. I love watching their expressions when they meet new and bold imaginary faces, and when they fight horrible foes and triumph. I love throwing a wrench into their plans, spicing it up with dversity, stirring in a touch of humanity in the stew of sword and sorcery.

Yes, I said sword and sorcery. But let me make one thing perfectly clear, all right? YES I am a total nerd. I role play with my friends while drinking mountain dew and eating chips and candy bars. I made up my own world, continents, capitols, rivers, cities, peoples, cultures, myths, religions, politics..... I even draw my own damn maps.

But I am NOT a number crunching, power-grinding idiot that tallies up experience and dishes them out to make the uber master character of doom. I like to think of myself as far more creative than that.

I do it for the story. That's it.

Annnnnd, I think my rant is over now. remind me later to tell you about a man named Alaric Kaine.