Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alaric Kaine

AKA - "Dark"

I met this guy while at a gathering of all of his siblings. Naturally - he wasn't there. He's that elusive oldest brother - the one to leave the nest first, as soon as the next oldest is fit enough to look after the rest. With a family of 10, thats's a big responsibility to leave behind, right?

Anyway, I imagined him wearing all black with gold trim - something very nice but not too terribly ostentatious. He's proud of his perfect smile and straight hair, and pale features. He likes to think that he is very symetrical, and in symetry there is a sense of perfection. Sometimes, I think, when I look at him that he's trying too hard to be even. He's trying to betoo human, which is where his inhumanity shows.

He seems perfectly normal - save for the inadequacy within social situations that no hermit or touched individual could rival. Where we have filters and switches for what not to say and what is ok, his are in a perpetual state of 'blunt'. He does not do this out of malice or anger, however - in fact he is the calmest person you will ever meet. He usually goes around asking obvious or overly intimite questions of people with a friendly smile on his face, and to his credit he usually gets answers.

But none of these answers are the ones he seeks.

He has been told why a man loves a particular woman - why a woman scolds her children in such a manner - why this child chose one candy over another - why that man was better in bed then that man - why one man will not pursue another woman - why do this? Why do that? But the one question that burns in his chest that he cannot ask, and fears to ask is far more personal. Too personal to bear in a truly feeling body of flesh and bone.

Why did you people kill my family?

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