Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ah Out-Sourcing!

I am mildly put-out.

A great corporation, world-wide in it's fame, with a proud and strong heritage, has dissapointed me. And no, it isn't just my own management that irritates me at the present - we've been through that several times, and I'm sure it bores you.

This goes beyond irresponsible and unprofessional management.

"The Hotel" has a help desk and suport system to help fix problems with their reservation system! A few WEEKS ago, our computer fails. And the system is all inclusive, our passwords to get into ther windows networks also gets us into the reservation system. The reservation system links via internet to databases, etc...

This computer is still inopetrative. It is online yet possesses neither basic microsoft software nor the actual reservation system. The help desk has not been helpful. In fact, this is the point that upsets me -

"The Hotel" corporate outsources their help. Outsources. As in the Help Desk is not employed in America. Where millions, (literally MILLIONS) of people are unemployed, "The Hotel" a company that BEGAN and FLOURISHED in America - outsources to India.

And of course, this is where they have no idea what they are doing. Several times they said, "you can take it from here" or "we'll call you back" when it involves actually linking into the system from an outside source to find and install our very vital systems.

Hm. Maybe we should boycott "The Hotel" until they find a suport team of specialists WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

Just an Idea.


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