Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Favorite Things about the Holidays - By Oru.

1.) Getting gag gifts for friends and watching them open them. (Normal gifts are fun to give too. I love the looks on their faces when it's something they actually want. Or at least enjoy.)

2.) The decorations. It must be something with my childhood, because I feel like a house decorated with candles, garland and all that fun stuff just makes a house warmer. Or maybe it's that inside squishy warm feeling that I like. Either way, there's something classy about white lights outside a house and garland draped over banisters. Fun stuff.

3.) The goofy Christmas Movies that have heartwarming endings. (I'm a girl. I'm sorry, I just like happy endings. And no movies have happier - if cheesier - endings then Christmas movies.)

4.) How nice people can be during the holidays. I'm not talking about those crazy shoppers that start riots over a pair of sneakers (did you hear about that? INSANITY.) I'm talking about that gas station attendant that smiles at you and offers you a free cup of coffee because you're sneezing and sniffling and freezing. Or those guests that leave tiny presents for the housekeepers when they check out. Or those guests that wish you happy holidays with a real actual smile. Or those clients/customers/whatever that will come in just to say hi and drop off baked goods and give you hugs. GOOD PEOPLE should show themselves more often. Really.

5.) The Food. Obviously. All the fantastic food that is made and eaten on the holidays is FANTASTIC I LOVE IT SO MUCH I FEEL FAT AFTERWARD. Best thing ever.

6.) Family gatherings. Game playing, movie watching, present opening, laughing, and finally peace.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. All that fun stuff!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Conflicting Lives

Abashed as I am to say this - I feel so sorry for my favorite character.

It has been at least a week since my fabulous room mate has been around to settle in and story-tell his gripping tale. (Starring myself, my Love and my other room mate.) Since that chapter left off, hanging precariously in the balance of my imagination, I have felt rather bereft.

My character, as well as the others involved were so full of good intentions. We traveled for months and months to deliver relics of light to an angel so that we could stop the spread of evil, and eventually it turned into the task of sealing shut a doorway to hell.

However, all of us were summarily betrayed by that very same savior we delivered the sacred relics to. He destroyed a utopia of hope, and caused each of us in turn to unwittingly betray others we had met that were very dear to us. We are now hands in the cause of the cataclysm, and through our actions we caused the gate to hell to burst open and demons to spill forth onto our realm.

So now we wait in stunned silence to see what happens next.

Gripping stuff, people. Gripping stuff.


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Book!

Details are now available on if you would like to peruse my NaNoWriMo efforts!

To see the details, Click HERE!



Thursday, December 8, 2011

UPdates and Fill-ins

As I sit in my very own office, waiting for something to do at work, I am reminded of how much time I used to spend jotting down thoughts and inspirations in here.

I called this blog Oru's Infinite Characterization because I hoped to tell you about all the characters in my head - as well as flush out my own character. Once again, I think this purpose has started to flounder and dissolve.

So allow me to fill in some blanks.

Hurricane Irene was rough up here in Sunny Vermont. Weeks of renovations later and our first floor rooms were back in order (with very different, very... unique carpet.) Unfortunately, the Hurricane took Glenda the good Witch from me - my trusty purple cavalier. The muddy waters of the flooding filled up her circuitry and made her crazy, so unfortunately I had to send her away. But now I have 'The Boss' to take me to and from work, a dashing little ford Taurus wagon.

National Novel Writing Month was half a success for me, simply because I made the 50k quota. And nothing more, unfortunately. However, I am taking full advantage of the offers provided by their website, and hope to have 5 free copies of my Nano-ed material at my house by Christmas! (If only I could figure out how to make page numbers show up on the damn program without having to go through all 145 pages of it individually. *shudder*)

I am not so much choking in debt as much as carefully treading water, now. Which is good. Well, better! I replace one payment with another frequently, and not because I am a wasteful spender. I DID have to get a new car, after all.

My Tree is up in our apartment, and I have festive garland on my banister. Tomorrow I will be going and getting some adorable $1 decorations to further spruce up the joint. (I love Christmas decorations. Somehow, when done right, It just makes the place warmer, ya know what I mean?)

Sometimes I feel that I have been a neglectful friend and sister etc... but I content myself with the knowledge that had any one else been in my shoes, it would have been just the same. There is no ill-intent in my lack of calling or texting, there is just a monstrous lack of energy brought on by the inevitable drain of a poor-man's diet and lack of free time.

So bear with me everyone - Oru's going to be back online more frequently sometime, ok? I just can't seem to get there yet.