Saturday, July 29, 2017

No Wonder

You know, if I knew it would be this easy, I would have mentioned it sooner. If I knew this was all it had to be for you to listen, I would have done it. If I knew that this was everything we evidently needed, I would have handed it to you years ago. If I had known that we weren't enough on our own I wouldn't have started.

That's a lie. Of course I would have started. How couldn't I have started? Besides, it's already done. These things have already happened. These suggestions and revelations have already occurred. I can't change them. I can't prove their worth or existence.

I can't really do Jack Shit, can I?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Comparatively Speaking

Ever have that irrational envy when you look at someone else's life? Sort of seeing from the outside how amazing their life is and knowing you will never have that sort of life?

Maybe that isn't a bad thing, you know. Maybe you were never meant to have the wedding with the groomsmen in matching tuxes or the bridesmaids taking funny selfies on the beach. Maybe you were never meant to travel the world with your BFF with nothing but your paperwork and a backpack filled with random clothes and a cellphone. Maybe you were never meant to have roses on Saturday or surprise parties or friends that lived close by and would stop in just because they felt like it for no other reason then they want to hang out with you.

Maybe you were meant to live in the low income housing in the shitty neighborhood, just to put a smile on someone else's face? Maybe you were meant to have your car break down every time things are supposed to start looking better for you. Maybe you were meant to be living paycheck to paycheck working for the paycheck alone and having little to none left to show for it. Maybe you were meant to be in a giant, stupid, ugly, stinking hole.

If that's the case, and 'meant to be' has anything to do with a higher power, or God or Destiny as a creature or deity, then Seriously. Fuck Them.

And fuck those assholes that do everything to tie you down and keep you in that place. Because they've been eating their Wheaties, and shoveling shit onto your plate to keep you weak. Because this is life, ladies and gents, the wonderful kaleidescope of bullshit.

Congrats. We're here. Now why the FUCK are we bothering to stay?