Monday, July 27, 2009

Fair-Weather Friends

The weather certainly is character building, isn't it? Making plans, changing plans, adjusting plans, shuffling one obligation over another obligation... Sure, not all of these trivialities are dependant on the weather - but what if you had planned to go to the bank or run indoor errands on one of the few days where it's bright, sunny, and breezy all at once? OR if you had planned to avoid doing lawn-mowing so you prayed for rain - on the ONLY day it DOESN'T rain? What about those plans you'd made in lieu of the mowing?

So, Fair-Weather friends on occasion mean that they are those that only come to be your friend when they need something. But in other cases - they could in fact be friends that you find yourself hanging with when the weather actually is FAIR. People who you have fun with romping outdoors and playing frizbee with, or going to the water park, or throwing water-balloons, or even riding bikes and such.

Some people are just better enjoyed outside.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Lemon Tea

Almost every morning I work, I go to the breakfast nook and get myself a cup of tea. And by far, my favorite to have in the wee hours o fth emorning is the Lemon spice, with one packet of the lemon juice and a packet of sugar. It tastes like a liquid lemon drop. Mmm, delicious.

Since it is a blue-sky, slight breeze, hot sun kinda day, I have decided to be happy and think of happy things. Or in the very least PLEASANT things.

The bird in the Hotel. Paychecks. Tall dark and handsome. Iced green tea with honey. Dancing. Blooming Iris. Working without the manager present. Free breakfast. The clouds over the sun. Filtering rays of sunshine on dappled pools. Thunderstorms. Fresh tomatoes. Hot Dogs with chile and cheese. Chocolate milkshakes. Grinning strangers passing you on the street. Hearing about good things happening to good people. Hearing about bad things happening to bad people. Dispensing your own twisted justice. Pretending to be strangers, then bringing the stranger home. Creating worlds. Creating people. Creating lives, cities, countries and creatures. Creating... anything. Songbirds. Cheesy 80's music. Laughing so hard you can't breathe. Motorcycles. Microwave popcorn. Creamy, cheesy, delicious mashed potatoes. Turential downpour. Friendly guests telling us how good we're doing at the front desk. Doing well in whatever I decide to do.

*yawn* Naps was going to be next on the list.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bird in a Glass Room

This morning at the hotel, I was standing, (as I usually do,) behind the front desk. My fingers were flitting across the keyboard, entering room numbers, pantry purchases, other minor details and reservations and the like. I look up to address one of our more frequent guests, smiling at his clever remark about something-or-other.

And just behind him, barely in his peripherals, something swoops down and dissapears behind the fireplace. Moments of curious chatter continue, and then the bird makes an appearance, perched on the back of one of the sofas. It cocks its head tot he side in quick, jerky motions, beak slightly parted as if panting.

A few of us approach slowly, makign assorted cooing noises to try and calm it down.

At first, I get closest. As I reach out to try and cup it's tiny body in my hand, it leaps up and perches on my hand, staring at me. I catch fear in it's beady eyes. I glimpse pain, exhertion, panic, and a horrible urge to be back out in the open. I realize that the artificial air in here could kill a creature like this.

The thought distracts me and he erupts from my hand and darts off to the other side of the lobby, to the group of kitchen staff, eagerly awaiting a glimpse of our tiny invader.

Another thought, immediately following the thoguht of the creature's safety.

If this artificial air, and this cheery lighting, and the blockage from the freedom outside could kill the free-spirit of such an innocent, care-free creature... what harm can it possibly do to jaded, worrisome sinners like us? I feel like maybe it's worse. For where something so simple can die so quickly - we must take ages to destroy. We must be like slowly rusting cars, wilting and falling to pieces out in the front yard.

That thought trembles in my mind as I hear the triumphant applause of the kitchen staff. I look over, and the head chef has the tiny shivering creature somewhere within his gently cupped hands. He scoots outside the front glass doors and with a flourish he pulls his hands apart.

The bird flapps furiously, and skims low across the pavement to land in the relative silence of some burning bushes , peering out at the glass prison he just so narrowly escaped.

Another moment of thought.

I would rather be a car crash.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Toast to Getting Paid!

How much independence would I have if I didn't have an income? How much trouble would I be in if I couldn'y pay my bills and socialize with friends? All important and relevant questions in order to better appreciate the contents of your paycheck.

Consider these questions from friends:

Wanna go see a movie?
Wanna go to the diner?
How about Clubbing?
Want to go rollerskating?
How about a picnic? I'll get the drinks if you get the food!
have you read this book yet? It's great you should get it!
Want to take a drive down to see so-and-so? I'll spot you for gas! Or hey, you can spot me if you don't wanna drive.

All of these require: what? Money! Thats right! So raise your glasses to the direct deposit paycheck! Toast to the cashed - check paystub still lodged int he backseat of your car! Raise your glass to the establishment of rich assholes paying you pennies for your valuiable time!



Saturday, July 11, 2009

All work and no play...

....makes Oru money.

However, it also steals away from time for myself. Which, on most occasions I wouldn't mind, simply because I will be bringing in a sizeable paycheck. (Thursday I will pay this months loans!)

However, through some fortuitous circumstances I am unaware of, this week's schedule has been sized down, just for me! I have three days in a row to myself, without parentage present and time to tidy up my room, (I'm thinking a writing nook, whadda you think?) hang out with friends, (I'm thinking the introduction of alcohol among us could be fun, right?) and more time to sleep in. (Hallelujah!)

The only thing that is currently grating on my nerves (And I mean this in a miniscule sense, of course) is how long the day has already begun to drag. On a usual day, I would have a bit of a rush during breakfast hours, get my work done, shmooze with guests and chat with kitchen staff. Then of course I would peruse the acceptable websites from the front desk computer, and if I felt up to it I would then revert to here, My trusty blogspot. However.... I find myself without something to do. So here I am.

Perhaps I shall research fun things online and report them here. Interesting zombie news, or perhaps fun pranks or home-videos. Those are always fun.

Anyway, sorry there wasn't anything particularly enlightening today - I need to shed this boredom before I can really kick it up old school.


Friday, July 10, 2009

"A Warm Place"

-Nine Inch Nails. Downward Spiral Album.

I am off the 'single' bandwagon.

But I can still party, damnit. No one can stop Oru from partyin'! Many have tried and all have failed.

I feel pretty fantasmagorical today. I think I shall clean the house. And perhaps do some writing at work. And perhaps I shall be contented with my lot in life. And then perhaps I'll daydream anyway.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gravitational Pull of Delerium.

I like the feeling of having so many friends and not enough time to see them all in a week. It is unfortunate that the allotment of time on occasion has to take place, but just the thought that you HAVE people there is enough to make it necessary and pleasant all at once. Who cares how much gas I use, or how far I have to drive? As long as I get to be greeted by the smiling face of a friend, it doesn't matter.

I also like feeling contented by my life. Sure there are things I would MUCH rather fix or replace, places I would much rather like to be then here in parents house, or even in this tiny town, but doesn't everyone want just a little more? My arrangement is more then generous, the town is familiar and fun, and I know where everything is. Not to mention - all my friends are here.

I like it when the sun is out.
I like to see it pouring rain outside.
I like seeing happy people.
I like it when people are just NICE to me.
I like my job.
I like my car, a lot.
I like that I make money and can (mostly) pay my bills.
I like my friends.
I like my more-then-friends.
I like my best friends.
I like my barely friends.
I like my future great friends.
I like my family.
I even like my cat. Even though the jackass broke the skin when chewing on my leg in passing.

What do you like?