Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Toast to Getting Paid!

How much independence would I have if I didn't have an income? How much trouble would I be in if I couldn'y pay my bills and socialize with friends? All important and relevant questions in order to better appreciate the contents of your paycheck.

Consider these questions from friends:

Wanna go see a movie?
Wanna go to the diner?
How about Clubbing?
Want to go rollerskating?
How about a picnic? I'll get the drinks if you get the food!
have you read this book yet? It's great you should get it!
Want to take a drive down to see so-and-so? I'll spot you for gas! Or hey, you can spot me if you don't wanna drive.

All of these require: what? Money! Thats right! So raise your glasses to the direct deposit paycheck! Toast to the cashed - check paystub still lodged int he backseat of your car! Raise your glass to the establishment of rich assholes paying you pennies for your valuiable time!



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