Sunday, July 17, 2016

Yard Sale Meeting

Today I am having a yard sale. Strewn about the lawn are old clothes, a space heater a lamp, a giant stuffed lion and about a million books and knick-knacks I don't need anymore.

I get a few good hits - jewelry sold, lots of books, a mini-sofa, among other things. Its nice out in the shade, and some people are prone to conversation.

Especially one older gent from across the street. I will call him Gregory.

He spent about 30 seconds skimming the books, and then he lamented that he loves to read but he can't seem to make out the small print anymore.

When there was no one else perusing my wares, he began to speak. And I loved everything he had to say. It began with him overhearing that I was moving south. He mentioned that there will be people that have very strong views, and how he didn't understand how people could be so insecure. His belief was that if you don't like something just walk away!

"I don't really get along with the Hispanics," he began, "But I don't insult them, you know? I go to a restaurant, and there are a lot of Hispanics, I just go to a different restaurant. There's nothing wrong with that. They just make me a bit uncomfortable, you know? I don't hate them, i guess they and me don't mix, you know?"

And then he looked at me. "I'm going to give you a bit of advice. Its good advice. I'm 75 years old you know, and I haven't lived so well that I can tell you how to live your life. You know, I'm not a millionaire, I'm not fancy, I've made mistakes too, you know? SO who am I to tell you how to live your life? My son, he's gay and he has a partner thats a man, and you know, its funny how people will treat him. Sometimes they'll be very nice to him, and other times, you know, I just don't understand people. That's not what life is about. Life your own life. Doesn't matter how other people live, that's them, you know?"

Thank you sir. You are a spectacular human being. I appreciate your existence. I wish there were more like you.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

100 Days of Poetry: Published!


So I released my 100 Days of Poetry! It is available here at AMAZON and then on the CreateSpace Website itself!

The only thing I saw so far that made me face-palm is that the title displayed on the website and the one on the actual cover are slightly different - The website says: "100 Days of Poetry; A Journey of Verse."

The actual cover of the book says: "100 Days of Poetry; A Journey in Verse."

No REAL biggie. I proofread the rest of it about 8 times, so I'm pretty confident the inside is nice and tidy - WITH page numbers, to boot! That was fun to figure out. Converting from .doc to .pdf doesn't bring headers or footers with it, really, so that was obnoxious! Otherwise, it would randomly throw off the spacing, add blank pages and changed my font all the time. *sigh* Ah well - its all good now!

So anyway!
Support the Oru in her artistic endeavors! keep her well fed and housed, for the sake of her wackiness! be as so kind as to purchase a book of poems!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Poetry, Poetry & More Poetry

Greetings Oruvians

So the Book of Poetry is well on its way! I estimate another two weeks of production, including buying myself the test copy so I can edit or approve it, and sending out those last poems.

So far, according to the website, the book is 220+ pages, including illustrations and commentary, and goes for only $30.00! (Which is great becasue If I allowed this to be sold in bookstores, it would have upped the price by 20 bucks, which I think is ridiculous. This way, yes, it can only be ordered through amazon, BUT at least its cheaper. Good trade off, right? So even if it becomes a hit, I could always up the price and expand to sell through stores.....)

Anyway, yeah also it would only be able to be purchased through and Not bad, right?

In other news, I have deleted the posts on this blog where my poetry is flashing around! Anything from the 100 days is no longer visible on this site!

Cheers :)