Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Ever try to do something that you love so much that it hurts, but when you finally have time to indulge, it feels like your brain is made of lead, or your hands are scarecrow fingers, or your heart is a hollow drum?

Did you ever love doing something so much that when you feel like you can't, you end up hating it?

Did you ever love creating something so much that the thought of no one seeing or hearing or feeling what you do causes such an ache in your chest that all you want to do is tear it out and throw it away?

Have you ever felt such incredible remorse and longing and pain and joy that you think you're going mad with it, tearing your hair out batshit, and all you want is a moment of clear, emotionless silence to work out what it all means?

I feel like I have a head full of dry sawdust, and every once and a while it tickles my nose and when I sneeze I'm afraid that I lost an idea and I'll never get it back. And that thought triggers such an incredible panic that I don't know what to do with myself, so I fling open my laptop and stare at a blinking cursor, cursing myself out just so I can get a sentence down. ANYTHING.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Day 17, 2018

[No prompt]
Their feet touch their noses as they curl into balls.
Eight little paws, four little eyes, two little noses.
Day and Night these two siblings,
White and tan and black and gray
Troublemaker and suck-up, predator and prey
victim and aggressor, but who is who when?
Both sweet and sincere with their innocent affection
Both full of energy and life and hope
Both loved so dearly and tenderly by me.
Two perfect pups; All mine!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DAY 16 2018

((Wow guys, I didn't think I was going to have so much trouble as I am. I don't seem to be as driven as I have before, So I apologize for the cynicism.))

Fields of Ash [Bradley]

I have such love in my heart
It's vast like the ocean and broad as the desert
It is in every way as viscious and cruel
And in every way as mysterious and beautiful.
And though I can liken it to these things with ease,
There is something these two vistas cannot be.
A landscape much harsher than either and yet;
one would never know what it had before been.
For just as my love expands and evolves and consumes,
That is as much as it destroys in it's wake;
for unlike a forest or swamp or a steppe
Ny love is as fields of ash.

Day 15 2018

This poem isn't going to be as fancy as all that, in fact I intend for it to be pretty basic, because what I'm writing about is pretty basic, like four ingredients in total, all of which combine to make this delectable, gooey mess that crackles when you bite into it, you know depending on how stale it is, and even if it's stale it is damn delicious and sugary and sticky and you can even mold them into shapes before you eat them, I know because on Halloween we made them into pumpkin shapes with food coloring to make them orange and then we stuck a cut up piece of peppermint leaf gummy into the top for a stem, and then of course there was this picture online of some one's creative masterpiece, which was of course a giant confectionery imitation of a turkey with M&Ms spilling out of where the thanksgiving stuffing would have been on the real thing, and I thought: I would totally eat that.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Day 14 2018

[No Prompt]

The wind is blowing madly and the sky is dark
within the heart, a stillness lies, silently apart.
The little ones fret, and pace and bark
as I struggle to complete my art
Alas, The poetry is dry this season
And I am busy with future and plans
my heart is forced to witness reason
and my mind all logic bans

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Day 13 2018

Electrical Fire [Bradley]

It burns and it burns there
Lit like a split hair

Bursts into bright light
Crackling in the night

Smoldering smell of ozone
Charred down to the bone

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 12 2018

Tiny gnat Big Forest [Frida Scofield]

One big day,
a bright big glorious day,
there was a gnat.
A tiny gnat,
A dark little spot of a gnat.
And this tiny gnat
with it's flappy buzzy wings
realized with much certainty
that they were in a forest
A big, huge forest
with huge, brown trees,
Broad, Thick, Tall trees.
And this gnat, awestruck it was!
This humble gnat
saw this forest as grand!
It was a Great, Grand, Awesome forest!
And it buzzed and swooped and
loop-de-looped among the leaves,
the wavy, green leaves,
and this simple gnat
was elated -
over joyed, bewildered, euphoric
dwarfed by this forest
and it's trees
and the trees' leaves
and their broad trunks
and it loved it so!
And this humble gnat then,
quite tired, quite old by the end of the day,
Settled upon one tiny vein
in a great big leaf
and it let out a sigh,
and happily died.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 11 2018

Memory brought about by a smell [Zsuzsa Manna]

I'm sick in bed.
The curtains are drawn,
and the glow of a full sun shines behind
leaving a halo of a healthy world
past my sick room.
The items I possess are stagnant.
Their creator sullied by flu
Their life on pause and stilled.
None of them talk to me this way.
When the door opens and a trail of aroma follows
little things animate;
Cinnamon bear and Toby blink sleepily
and the dollhouse lights come on
And Sarah peers at me through her tiny bedroom window
And she gives me a thumbs up
with her carefully sutured doll-arm.
It's hot tea, sleepytime,
a comforts now and forever as a vast, sighing 'OK'
to finally get some rest.
ANd when I awake, the room will be brighter.
And the colorful trinkets of my life will grin
to see me ready to play again.