Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Poetry Update

So I've given you guys more then twenty or so poems. I'm making a change, here.

Firstly, I will still be writing a whole poem every day. However, I will only post one once a week for you to see.

I will still be accepting prompts on my facebook page, of course, as well.

But now it is my hope that you have enjoyed the poetry so far, because I plan to publish all 100 of them in a genuine, bon-a-fide, Oru-thology of poetry!

Once the 100 days are complete, I shall compile my works, select a self-publishing tool, edit and arrange (Complete with commentary of course!) And then post the link to purchase right up here on my blog!

I do hopw you follow me on this project, I think it'll be grand!


Thursday, May 12, 2016


What a beautiful day. Let me tell you why. And it isn't just because the sun is (finally) shining, and its a pleasant, breezy 70-something degrees outside. It isn't because I feel pretty good, and it isn't just because I eagerly await tomorrow's paycheck.It is because today I found further hope for the future of humanity.

It began at lunch. After the prior thirty minutes of deliberating on my lunch plans for the day, I finally decided to spend $4.00 on some Wendy's. I like their cheeseburgers. And their fries are all right. That, and I craved to spend a brief moment outside, just enough to breath in the springtime. So I snatched up my purse and fled to the car to coast the five minutes to lunch.

I was playing some Caro Emerald, namely at the time, Riviera Life. The wait was pretty short, and when I finally turned the corner to pay for my 4 for 4 meal deal (Bacon Cheeseburger, four piece nuggets, fries and a drink - yum) There he was!

Now, when I decide to spoil myself with a burger from Wendy's, there is an 80% chance I am going to get the same guy. He's lean, with blonde/brown/slightly reddish hair with a calm, friendly sort of face. He is a handsome fellow and his eyes strike me as bright, though, alas, I couldn't tell you the color. He's always very polite, one of the reasons I remember him is because he always remembers me. AND all my hair-dos. He offers his complements on them, and that random kindness makes my day! (Regrettably, due to the angle of the sun, and the trajectory of my payment through the window and other such natural obstacles, I have never seen his name tag.)

So I greet him, I pass him my card, he swipes it, and then he leans out and says, "Would it be to forward of me to give you my number?"


I'll let you take that in for a moment.


Firstly: Bravo, sir, Bravo for being a member of our generation that still has their balls! Ask a random chick at the drive through if you can give her your number? I don't care who you are, that takes ca-hones! ESPECIALLY if they come around all the time and you're going to have to see them over and over again. I remember my single days and getting so tongue tied I never had the CHANCE to ask people out, so being able to speak during the brief and chaotic exchange of a drive-through impresses the hell out of me!

Secondly: Lets just address that phrase once more. "Would it be too forward of me to give you my number?" I could list everything that is correct with that statement.
So here we go.
  1. The fact that this man had the class to use that particular wording places him leaps and bounds above more then half of the current population of the world. 'too forward'? Forward!? Used logically, in a cohesive sentence, when addressed to an object of your affection? Am I impressed by this? YES. Had I been single, I would have responded with, "Why yes it IS forward of you, but I very much like that, thank you, so when would you like me to call?!!?!"
  2. Too often I have heard the 'Can I get your number' line, that the simple fact that He was willing to hand over his information instead was delightful. He decidedly put the ball (had I been single, etc...) in my court, leaving the decision to call entirely up to me, and thus eliminating the chance at UBER CREEPY STALKER CALLS. It was as if he looked me in the eye and said, 'I think you're swell, and I would call you, but I'll leave it up to you because I'm a gentleman."
Third and Final point of order: He maintained eye contact and a smile, and when I politely told him I had a Love, he looked sincerely and good-naturedly disappointed, making the snapping gesture in the air. I did, however, thank him and offer him a smile, because lets be honest here, who DOESN'T like random ego-boosts? He sighed, nodding wistfully before saying, "Hey, its all right. Just take it as a compliment. See you later!" In other words, he was a damn good sport about the polite let-down.

It doesn't matter where you work, how you dress, what your hair looks like, if you are tall, short, fat, skinny, white black, red, green or rainbow colored. It matters how you ACT. Thank you for making my day livable!