Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wing It

First up on the roster is the obligatory update of mundane affairs.
I am doing well, my love is doing all right, and my friends at home are doing pretty good. We are all undergoing our own seasonal stresses - School for some, rough hours for others, no hours for yet others, and a creative mish-mosh for me. I got a gym membership including unlimited guests so I never have to work out alone (because that just slaps me in my own self-inflicted lame bin.)
I still assemble eye-glasses, drive 35 minutes to get to work, and have an irregular diet. I no longer smoke (for a year in April, huzzah!), I still tell myself that I'm a writer, and I struggle in vain to finish written projects.

In other news! No, to answer the questions that my imaginary readers ask, I have not finished the post-apocalyptic piece yet. I have the outline roughly drafted for the second half of the boook, and a steady direction, but the words have been post poned. Mainly because my current project consists of a Role Playing System I'm designing.

I hate math. I've been working on it for years. Math is why. I hate math.

It is pretty much done. I have to test the combat system a few times, work out grappling, all that crap that is so much less important then the actual story (hey hey, just a joke, I love a good battle, relax.) and maybe tweak how magic works. Because now I have to figure out the inexplicable in a form of Numbers and dice. *twitch* REGARDLESS of those complaints I'm pretty happy with it. When I finish adding flavor text and more examples, and all those pesky details I may try to self-publish it like that other atrocity. Maybe this one will have all the periods in the right places.

Maybe someone will actually buy it.

Phew! Now that the self-pity-party is over, what else is new? Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up, I believe in April and June. I'm thinking of setting the completion of my apocalyptic story as the goal.

Fuck me I'm going to be 30.

Yep. Done for the day.