Saturday, April 20, 2013

Take Pause!

We take pause from this month of insanity to bring you a piece of original poetry.

Hungry Feet
I walk the miles on hungry feet
Sore from the consumption of steps
Worried by the sands and
Batered by the rocky calamities in my path.
Each upturned root is a snag
and caught in the tooth of my shoe,
But my tongue lolls dryly in the humid air.

Each step is a teasing appetizer
To the feast I will behild at my destination.
Each step leaves my toes
Wiggling for more, scraping
at the trail lie a dog gnaws a bone.
Each step is a sample banquet,
Snacks for the starving.

And yet, each step reminds me of
The length of this journey -
So much so that I dare not
Look Back.
I fear those consumed strides leave a
Black Nothingness
In my wake.
If I stop, I fall into oblivion.
My hunger to be unabated.

My legs still churning like the bowels
Of an engine.
I walk the miles on hungry feet,
Troding and biting at the road ahead,
Eager and growling for more,
Dancing along the cobbles of my
Ramshackle Destiny
Nibbling and chewing up my
As vital seasonings for