Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mundane Troubles and Imaginary Reprieve

I have decided that in order to end my financial troubles, I simply have to become a best selling novelist. This would mean of course, that I would have to eventually develop a near-cult-like following of fan-kids that read my work like a religion - but I think I can take that chance.

Like so many other times before, I have started yet another project.

As for the previous, unfortunately because of the limit to my online time, they are on a bit of a hiatus. I would deffinately like to continue the Zephyr IV project, I am enjoying that one a whole bunch. The online comic though? Well, I realize when things should be left well enough alone. The story could be fantastic, but the art? Well, I was no art major, that much ifs plain. I'll leave it up for now, doesn't hurt. I am anxiously awaiting the next NaNoWriMo, and thus am writing more in my spare time then I used to, which is good.

I digress.

This other project is a first person perspectie tale of epic fantasy. (w00t.) This person is in fact relating the tale that another person told them - so its first person within first person. I am excited, and it is a lot of fun to write. I was thinking about posting up pieces of it, like a Serial version on my blog here, if you are at all interested!

SO please respond with your opinions about pre-reading the first draft of my latest project, as it is written! Yes or No? What shall the Oru do? It is up to YOU fair readers!


Friday, March 23, 2012

'Whether the Weather is cool, or whether the weather is hot...'

There is something delightfully enlightening about beautiful, sunny, warm spring days. The warmth on your skin, the sun in your eyes, the world turning green around you in slow motion -

Maybe its just me, but I fancy that the air gets a bit lighter for the first bit, before the humidity steps in. The harsh, heavy curtain of winter has been thrown back! Fresh air is pouring in and the chill is being banished from our bones!

Regardless of the pains and aches in my legs and bones and joints and muscles, I walk outside and feel the cool breeze, and taste the spring in the wind and I have an irrevocable bit of bounce in my step and a grin on my face.

Who needs meds when we have nice weather, eh? Hop around with me like an idiot! Run across the field for no reason! Climb a tree! Have a picnic! Take a long walk! BE outside! Before the death of summer's HEAT kills us! Enjoy it while it's here and beautiful! Rebel against the cruel shackles of our former season!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In response:

There are so many little things that one takes advantage of throughout the day-to-day. One of the things I so clearly had been taking for granted was a small pill that prevented certain uncomfortable events from occuring. INstead of delving more into that awkwardness, I will explain it's effect upon me during the course of my prescription.

I felt very level headed. At ease. Pleasant. Agreeable. Sociable and personable, even!

However, due to a lack in resources and a relatively unstable financial arrangement with reality, I have not been able to attain said little pills. Thus far I have noticed several little ticks that bother me.

I feel tired. I have the distinct lack of interest in the outside world. Tiny troubles trouble me greater then they should. I am irritable and socially distant. Though my personality (as far as I can tell) has not really changed.

So, justifiably so, I have reverted to a previous state, in which I will watch a movie, a play, see a show, read a book, and I will become irreversably attached and mildly obsessed with said media. As such reversions go, I have not become attached to a particular media, per say, but I have become attached to the idea of detatching myself from reality.

So there you go, Oysters.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Way To Go

You know you've lost your mind when things in an imaginary world effect you more then the events of the real world. You know you've got some screws loose when you grieve the passing of a fictitious personage on the same level that you may or may not have grieved for a loved one that actually passed in your life.

You know that you are irreperably damaged (in the head) when you admire someone you have made up as opposed to a real live person of quality. When you idolize their morals, their viewpoints and opinions. When you think you may love them, even though that would technically be the grandest form of NARCISISM on the face of the planet. You know that you have gone bat-shit-INSANE when all you truly, really, deeply, with all your heart and soul, with all the passion you possess, with all the conviction and truths and fervence of a fanatic, want to do it live the life of a character that you made up in your head; a character that only exists within the world that was born and exists in the mind of another human being. All facets of which are firmly rooted in fiction and make-believe.

Or, Perhaps, you know that the world ITSELF; the sphere of climates, landmasses, flora, and fauna; of tactile, real existance that you were born into; has gone to such shit that these previously afore-mentioned eccentricities have an undeniable appeal to them. Perhaps, this world has gone so far down the shitter that one must, in fact, indulge in escapeism, or be forever trapped within the confines of a world they despise. Perhaps One must become truly narcisistic in order to satisfy the longing desire to LOVE something that will not turn out to be a dead thing in your arms. PERHAPS this world is forcing some of us to seek morality, honor, truth, justice and other such fanciful concepts in fiction because no particularly accurate example exists in this world now! OR PERHAPS ---


I'm beginning to fear that I am mildly chemically inbalanced. GOD I wish I had health insurance at times like this!

Ha-yuck, ha-yuck, ha-yuck.