Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I do this thing. Online Role Playing, Play-by-Post systems. It is what is on occasion called "Interactive Storyteling." Each person posting takes up a character (Or more, depending on preferences.) These characters then trade off banter and actions, in a turn based post system. For example, I would write something MUCH prettier and less stiff then:

"Chet laughed in his face, then his eyes went wide and his hands flew up to protect his nose from the book that was flying towards it."

And that would be in response to THIS post:

"Megan gaped at chet's audacity, and out of pure rage, she hefted up her math book and flung it across the table at his face."


You can have infinite storylines and infinite characters going on in different boards, which we call "Threads." And these characters have infinite choices because you never know where the story line will go, therefore making every turn and every action a complete surprise. As if reading a book for the first time, or seeing a movie you'd never seen before.

It is the very sweetest, most satisfying, most absolutely divine obligation to feel the distinct need to reply to those posts.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Life behind the front desk is as boring as it can be obliteratingly crazy sometimes. Unfortunately, at this particular moment it is the afore mentioned boring.

What can I tell you about hotels?

1.) If you get the chance, book online at Expedia or Their rates will ALWAYS be cheaper then calling the reservation in. HOWEVER - do not count on getting EVERYTHING you want. You can make requests, but inevitably, expedia and the like will pick the rooms that are the cheapest. Or, if all else fails because we may be close to sold out - they will file you under 'HOUS" with means room to be determined at checkin. Which also means, if you need a room with 1 king bed, you may be stuck with a room with 2 queens, or visa versa.

2.) We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. And unfortunately, it means knowing that everything the guests says is law. (Except if the manager is in, then you may have a problem.) In some cases, this means we can be jipped easily - if you carry a screwdriver in your purse and mess with something, or break off the cable-adapter for the TVs, we could change your room. And if you were a real jerk you could demand discounts, free breakfast, treats from the pantry, or in rare, RARE occasions, a free night's stay. But don't hold me to that. All hotels are different.

3.) IF you have allergies, problems, or just desires for extra pillows, DO NOT WAIT until checkin, make as many notes in the reservation as possible to let us know what you want. If you don't you will suffer the wrath of behind-the-scenes gossip and ridicule. Woe are you.

4.) Always. Be nice. To the Front Desk.
We control your happiness. So treat us with respect, and you will be treated as royalty. And if you don't think you have the social aptitude to do so - buy us candy or food.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Half Finished

I had a great idea for a post today, but of course as soon as the window opened up and I began to type, it flew out of my brain and out the window to enjoy the weather. So on to other things...

I feel an ache in my joints that I have started lamenting more and more. not debilitating of course, but ever present. And it doesn't matter what side I sleep on, how many blankets are on or off of me, or how I stand during my 8 hous of desk-work. Also makes no difference what shoes or socks I wear, or what I've eaten (Though I think that has SOMETHING to do with it.) And, of course, it has absolutely no relation to the weather outside, and it doesn't get worse in the rain or better in the sun.

Except for one.

In my right arm, (and this has happened only about 2 times so far,) I have felt some pretty wicked aches and paines. From my wrist to my shoulder, stiffness and fire. AND yes, those ocured in some pretty crappy weather. My love tells me it's arthritis. I laughed. And then in my head I went NO no no no no please no no please no!

However, I have thusly avoided the pain lasting for too long by the healthy administration of Advil, Bayer, or Excedrin extra strength. Also, flexing and movement I hear is very very good for the prevention of arthritis. Am I correct or was I horribly misinformed?

Does anyone else suffer the effects of premature aging?

:) Oru

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Out of Place

I am currently perched at a stool before a public-access Mac. On either side f me, trapping me between the edges of the keyboard, are half-finished sodas, Arizona Iced-teas, honey roasted peanut packages, smartfood popcorn and empty sandwich boxes from the cafeteria. Flanking me like the rows of an inexperienced army are the hoards of 'rats.'

Lounge rats, to be specific. Those of the students who find comfort and shelter in the Ritz Lounge. Those minds whose imaginations need cards, dice, books and pencils to be seen by those around them. Kinsmen, near all of them. Those that wield the cards dabble in the books, and those who dabble in the books delve fully into the dice. And those delving into the dice linger on the fringes of all these activities.

Talk of campaigning and victory filter through the air and the shouts of defeat are accompanied by fists slamming on tabletops. They are all verysuccessful warriors in their minds.

Now me? I am not numbered in their ranks, per say. If this were a national army of DCC, I wouldbe one of the Silver Spears - tagging along for the paycheck. (Or in this case, for the company.) I enjoy their antics. Their amusement is contagious and their enthusiasm unavoidable.

But perhaps I'll leave the lounge for them.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Myself with a dash of Vanity

I like it when people read my random little blog entries. I would very much like others to read my entries as well. Perhaps that is why I've started taking this spin of advertizement and promotions. I even made myself a little club on facebook. (I feel that it's clever - "Oru's Infinite Fanclub." What do you think?) And yet...

I always feel strange about creating something (like a grou pon facebook) thats dedicated solely to me. Making events for birthdays is one thing, but a whole group? Now, if you were to peruse my facebook, you WILL see another group devoted to me (much to my delight, I admit) however, I did not create that group myself. I apparently DID have a fanbase. Which is always a fun development.

But in some cases, I feel it is prudent to push aside those little nit-picking feelings of guilt. I mean, how will I get other people to read my stuff unless I show a little pride? Hell, I'm impressed I stuck with this blog for so long without a huge year long gap between posts! Thats an accomplishment for me!

So the long and short of it? I muster up my confidence, hope that my friends will take up the banner with me, and try to promote my Infinite Characterization. THAT way, if and hopefully when people comment, respond, e-mail, etc... I will have more interesting things to report!

Oh, and notice the new top menu item thingies? I'm trying something new. Like... the news. :)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

What, Exactly?

It's kind of funny. I think this blog started out as a place for me to jot down random thoughts, insights, etc... Trying to be as impersonal but relative as I can. Trying to be ambiguous and non-identity specific. I think the earlier entries pull it off. I'm sure I barely gave any indication of my sex, let alone age, location, educational background, etc... I wanted it to be androgynous and therefore relative to as many people as possible. I would try not to be pretentious or presumptuous (though I'm sure I slipped up more then once.)

Now though, I can't really remember the original purpose of this place. I love it, use it and read it all the time. I'm not even thinking about closing it or thinning out my entries - if anything, I'd rather throw in more and more. But I feel as if I have lost a definite purpose. I supose I could chalk it up to "My Thoughts and Insights" or perhaps "Random Stuff" or even something else that I can't think of right at the moment.

It's funny, just as I was finishing up that last sentence, I thought of the title to this blog. Kind of obvious, when you think of it. It's my characterization. Things that develop, explain or even justify how I am what I am and why I do what I do.

Kudos for answering my own question.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Flowers and Birthdays

Birthdays for women seem to always involve flowers. At least, for the crowd over 25. Younger, I see more candy, movie tickets, other things you can use but don't need. But once age starts creeping up, people tend to drift into the flower department more and more - almost as if saying, "I've already gotten you everything I think you might like... so... how about flowers? Everyone likes flowers, right?"

And of course I like flowers. They're beautiful. I enjoy the smell (of most of them) and they look nice. It's almost a reminder of life - how much time you have in comparison to a bouquet of flowers.

Grim as it may sound, think about it: You feel like your age is creeping up on you, years pass, every birthday a mile-marker until the end of the road. You think it goes by fast? In comparison to this bouquet of flowers, you are an immortal. They last perhaps at the most two or three weeks. Then their wilting and fading shows more prominently they any grey hair you might tell yourself you have.

Their prime lasts for a few days. Your prime lasts for years. We grow to become (hopefully) wise, distinguished, perhaps even regal in appearance. Wizened creases on a weather torn face, built with so much character over the years. A flower wilts and shrivels and then rots. And thats not to say we don't shrivel. I know plenty of shriveled people. But that doesn't make them any less interesting. And of course, this argument could go either way, but thats not the point I'm attempting (feebly) to make here.

Whenever you think your age is fast approaching - get yourself some flowers. Remember how long THEY last, and be thankful for much time YOU have.

It will make everything seem springy and fresh. Almost guarantee it.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Do you know what I freakin love? I love the weather outside. I love this flippin sunshine, and the springy breezes and the GREEN everywhere. I love being able to drive with my windows down and my music up. OH and did I say how much I LOVE the smell of this time of year? I don't know what it is chemically, but all I know is that the fragrance of fresh cannot be beat. The smell of the earth being turned, the grass wet with dew, the smell of summer pools being opened and seasoned for swimming. The smell of beef being grilled over an open flame, or watermellon slices, dripping drop after drop of heavenly nectar of sweet fruitiness....

Sometimes I just go outside and this big goofy grin spreads across my face and for a few seconds - sometimes even a minute - I don't even know what to do with myself. I want to run around like a kid again, climb a telephone pole, vault onto the nearest overhang and clamor up onto the roof-tops to join the chorus of the exhalted spring!

Quite thrilling really.

Go outside and take a deep breath. (Hopefully not near anything obviously distasteful. Take a few paces away from the dumpster, for example.) And once clear of those man-made things that may be stinky - take a nice deep inhale of everything you have been too busy to enjoy. Let it feather-touch all the way down to your fingertips and up the back of your neck, and feel the nice, balmy cool of it behind your eyes. Then smile.

Why the hell not? It's a beautiful day.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday was a big day. We lounged and slept in our appartment for the very first time. As my brother and my love sat and discussed square feet of paintable surfaces, I took a (very) brightly colored feather duster to the cob-webbed corners of the place. As I ran it's feathery edges along the horrific peachy surface, My love stood to help me reach a corner. And when he did so, he noticed something, that in turn drew my eye.

A tiny bracelet dangled on the corner of our window. A bit of white twine and 7 little white beads, each adorned with a colored letter. We looked at it carefully a moment, and we both smiled in unison. Then we turned in unison and regarded each other with knowing eyes.

"I think we should leave it there," said my love with a smirk.

Grinning, as I had been, I merely nodded, and he looped the tiny bit of twine back onto the corner of the window, where it dangled in a way that the letters could easily be seen, were one to investigate the 7 letter word.

We both appreciated the little bit of magic in the situation. First night in our own place, making our decisions together, and to compliment that? Finding a charm bracelet that read "Freedom", waiting for us to find it.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moments of Truth

Today I am going to try and classify and distinguish moments of truth.

Boring, I know.

IN any case... what separates the "Moment of Truth" from the "Plain old Moment"? I'm mostly thinking it has to do with the amount of adrenaline pumping through your veins during the moment itself. Like you're standing on a precipice, and you're lifting your foot to step out into thin air. You're pulling an Indiana Jones and your eyes are wide open, jaw clenched in determination, every sinew trembling because of the force of the blood rushing through your body...

So I can see what would distinguish one moment from another. By why exactly are they moments of truth? During that time, where a bead of sweat slowly crawls down the side of our faces, are we all simultaneously slapped in the face with some truth that we would have otherwise overlooked? And what about those times where we don't necessarily come face to face or realize that truth? is it still technically a moment of truth?

This being said, I hereby decree a new kind of moment.

"Moments of hit or miss." Or perhaps something a little less bleh. OH, how about "Moments of Thrill?" Or "Moment of power?" That last one I threw in there because of a brief thought.

On that precipice, leg extended and body weight starting to tip forward, The pounding in your chest feels impossible. And you think that your heart is the strongest thing in the world. And if only others could feel this strength - if only this power could be sensed ALL the time.

Just a thought.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Take a Moment.

It's not always easy to just sit here and talk to you guys, you know. I don't really have this written out beforehand so that I can just cut and paste it before I send it off. Nah, that's not my style. Granted, there's a lot to be said for the calculations that would go into it. The careful reading and re-reading, re plotting, organization and finally approval of the post. You will never say something you don't mean, and it technically couldn't be considered 'heat of the moment.' But there are other things you can do to ensure that you won't come up with something spontaneously offensive. Same concept goes for making big decisions, or walking across the street.

Look before you leap.

Take a moment to think about the general idea. Think about something you would LIKE to say. Then, through the trial and error of the gift of type and backspace, send them into the internet cosmos. Or not. Hey, it was just an idea.

But digress.

I have big plans for the coming week. For the first time in my life, I am choosing to share my space with another person. I am choosing to live with them, choosing to be with them, choosing to compromise on paint colors and furniture arrangements. Choosing to be totally content. Choosing to take a deep breath and relax in my skin, finally.

Everything will be wonderful.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quarter of a Century

25 years ago the population of the earth was only 4,834,206,631 and the latest count is restless and expanding at 6,790,062,216. 25 years ago, gas cost about $1.08, and a movie ticket cost about $2.75. 25 years ago, someone made the first mobile phone call in the UK. The Titanic wreckage was located 25 years ago. 25 years ago, CDs and the first version of Microsoft Windows is released to consumers.

In 20 years, a Sequoia sappling could grow to 65 feet tall. In 25 years, a blue whale has only reached less then half of it's optimal lifespan. In Colonial America, the average lifespan of a person was under 25 years old. According to the internet, (rounded up) You could walk around the world 5 times in 25 years. After doing some math, I discovered that you could also circumnavigate the world in a ship about 182 times within the span of 25 years.

Some things rot to nothing in 25 years. Some things haven't even finished growing. Others kind of level out.

And which one will I be?