Monday, April 19, 2010

Myself with a dash of Vanity

I like it when people read my random little blog entries. I would very much like others to read my entries as well. Perhaps that is why I've started taking this spin of advertizement and promotions. I even made myself a little club on facebook. (I feel that it's clever - "Oru's Infinite Fanclub." What do you think?) And yet...

I always feel strange about creating something (like a grou pon facebook) thats dedicated solely to me. Making events for birthdays is one thing, but a whole group? Now, if you were to peruse my facebook, you WILL see another group devoted to me (much to my delight, I admit) however, I did not create that group myself. I apparently DID have a fanbase. Which is always a fun development.

But in some cases, I feel it is prudent to push aside those little nit-picking feelings of guilt. I mean, how will I get other people to read my stuff unless I show a little pride? Hell, I'm impressed I stuck with this blog for so long without a huge year long gap between posts! Thats an accomplishment for me!

So the long and short of it? I muster up my confidence, hope that my friends will take up the banner with me, and try to promote my Infinite Characterization. THAT way, if and hopefully when people comment, respond, e-mail, etc... I will have more interesting things to report!

Oh, and notice the new top menu item thingies? I'm trying something new. Like... the news. :)


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  1. I've always been a fan of you Mahnah Mahnah! :) <3 K