Friday, April 16, 2010

Flowers and Birthdays

Birthdays for women seem to always involve flowers. At least, for the crowd over 25. Younger, I see more candy, movie tickets, other things you can use but don't need. But once age starts creeping up, people tend to drift into the flower department more and more - almost as if saying, "I've already gotten you everything I think you might like... so... how about flowers? Everyone likes flowers, right?"

And of course I like flowers. They're beautiful. I enjoy the smell (of most of them) and they look nice. It's almost a reminder of life - how much time you have in comparison to a bouquet of flowers.

Grim as it may sound, think about it: You feel like your age is creeping up on you, years pass, every birthday a mile-marker until the end of the road. You think it goes by fast? In comparison to this bouquet of flowers, you are an immortal. They last perhaps at the most two or three weeks. Then their wilting and fading shows more prominently they any grey hair you might tell yourself you have.

Their prime lasts for a few days. Your prime lasts for years. We grow to become (hopefully) wise, distinguished, perhaps even regal in appearance. Wizened creases on a weather torn face, built with so much character over the years. A flower wilts and shrivels and then rots. And thats not to say we don't shrivel. I know plenty of shriveled people. But that doesn't make them any less interesting. And of course, this argument could go either way, but thats not the point I'm attempting (feebly) to make here.

Whenever you think your age is fast approaching - get yourself some flowers. Remember how long THEY last, and be thankful for much time YOU have.

It will make everything seem springy and fresh. Almost guarantee it.


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