Saturday, April 24, 2010


Life behind the front desk is as boring as it can be obliteratingly crazy sometimes. Unfortunately, at this particular moment it is the afore mentioned boring.

What can I tell you about hotels?

1.) If you get the chance, book online at Expedia or Their rates will ALWAYS be cheaper then calling the reservation in. HOWEVER - do not count on getting EVERYTHING you want. You can make requests, but inevitably, expedia and the like will pick the rooms that are the cheapest. Or, if all else fails because we may be close to sold out - they will file you under 'HOUS" with means room to be determined at checkin. Which also means, if you need a room with 1 king bed, you may be stuck with a room with 2 queens, or visa versa.

2.) We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. And unfortunately, it means knowing that everything the guests says is law. (Except if the manager is in, then you may have a problem.) In some cases, this means we can be jipped easily - if you carry a screwdriver in your purse and mess with something, or break off the cable-adapter for the TVs, we could change your room. And if you were a real jerk you could demand discounts, free breakfast, treats from the pantry, or in rare, RARE occasions, a free night's stay. But don't hold me to that. All hotels are different.

3.) IF you have allergies, problems, or just desires for extra pillows, DO NOT WAIT until checkin, make as many notes in the reservation as possible to let us know what you want. If you don't you will suffer the wrath of behind-the-scenes gossip and ridicule. Woe are you.

4.) Always. Be nice. To the Front Desk.
We control your happiness. So treat us with respect, and you will be treated as royalty. And if you don't think you have the social aptitude to do so - buy us candy or food.



  1. I almost want to stay at your hotel just to mess with you and make you day at work more amusing. ;)

  2. Don't forget getting to meet/see celebrities if you work in a fancy hotel (Diane Lane(met her!!!!), Dianne Weist, The Indigo Girls, Jakob Dylan, Ani diFranco, John Lithgow, Matt Dillon)

    I've got stories galore from my 3 years behind a Front Desk in the hospitality industry. However, it is time for me to move on... I can't handle the atrocious hours anymore. lol

  3. Ahhh so I'm not the only one plagued by the confusion of the hours? Huzzah!

  4. No, you are most certainly not! I never realized how taxing the hours were until I got promoted and went on salary and then was expected to work 45-50+ hours a week for the same paycheck. AND... I was given almost exclusively nights shifts save for the laid-back Sunday mornings, and a turn around or two. Now, I've got a big kid job with nights and weekends off and everything! lol It's fantabulous! But, I do still have a special place in my heart for hospitality. And have the utmost respect for those who work their tails off in the business.

    ...I posted the other one too, but forgot to use my gmail account to sign it so instead of "Kyrra" it just said "anonymous" and I'm not anonymous... I'm me! :)