Friday, April 23, 2010

Half Finished

I had a great idea for a post today, but of course as soon as the window opened up and I began to type, it flew out of my brain and out the window to enjoy the weather. So on to other things...

I feel an ache in my joints that I have started lamenting more and more. not debilitating of course, but ever present. And it doesn't matter what side I sleep on, how many blankets are on or off of me, or how I stand during my 8 hous of desk-work. Also makes no difference what shoes or socks I wear, or what I've eaten (Though I think that has SOMETHING to do with it.) And, of course, it has absolutely no relation to the weather outside, and it doesn't get worse in the rain or better in the sun.

Except for one.

In my right arm, (and this has happened only about 2 times so far,) I have felt some pretty wicked aches and paines. From my wrist to my shoulder, stiffness and fire. AND yes, those ocured in some pretty crappy weather. My love tells me it's arthritis. I laughed. And then in my head I went NO no no no no please no no please no!

However, I have thusly avoided the pain lasting for too long by the healthy administration of Advil, Bayer, or Excedrin extra strength. Also, flexing and movement I hear is very very good for the prevention of arthritis. Am I correct or was I horribly misinformed?

Does anyone else suffer the effects of premature aging?

:) Oru


  1. I play soccer, body aches and pains are a way of life, so I can relate. Although I've given up on thinking it's because I've gotten old. It's because I'm violent. Haha.

    As a side note, didn't you use to be able to crack your elbow all the time without much effort when we were kids? Maybe it is arthritis?

  2. That is true, and yes I can still do that. AND now, on the rare occasion, I can crack my tailbone, pop my hips, crunch my knees, and crackle my knuckles. ALL OF THEM.

  3. Have you talked to your doctor? Also... I don't know all the symptoms of it but have you looked into the symptoms and things having to do with fibromyalgia? Good luck darling!

    <3 Tandyface.

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    Ah, aging. The great excuse. You are cracking like crazy because you work on your feet all day! When you aren't at the front desk, you are doing housekeeping duties. Your body is just tired from repeat usage. Although, if this continues, a visit to the doctor might be a good idea. You could have strained some of your joints!