Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moments of Truth

Today I am going to try and classify and distinguish moments of truth.

Boring, I know.

IN any case... what separates the "Moment of Truth" from the "Plain old Moment"? I'm mostly thinking it has to do with the amount of adrenaline pumping through your veins during the moment itself. Like you're standing on a precipice, and you're lifting your foot to step out into thin air. You're pulling an Indiana Jones and your eyes are wide open, jaw clenched in determination, every sinew trembling because of the force of the blood rushing through your body...

So I can see what would distinguish one moment from another. By why exactly are they moments of truth? During that time, where a bead of sweat slowly crawls down the side of our faces, are we all simultaneously slapped in the face with some truth that we would have otherwise overlooked? And what about those times where we don't necessarily come face to face or realize that truth? is it still technically a moment of truth?

This being said, I hereby decree a new kind of moment.

"Moments of hit or miss." Or perhaps something a little less bleh. OH, how about "Moments of Thrill?" Or "Moment of power?" That last one I threw in there because of a brief thought.

On that precipice, leg extended and body weight starting to tip forward, The pounding in your chest feels impossible. And you think that your heart is the strongest thing in the world. And if only others could feel this strength - if only this power could be sensed ALL the time.

Just a thought.


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