Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I do this thing. Online Role Playing, Play-by-Post systems. It is what is on occasion called "Interactive Storyteling." Each person posting takes up a character (Or more, depending on preferences.) These characters then trade off banter and actions, in a turn based post system. For example, I would write something MUCH prettier and less stiff then:

"Chet laughed in his face, then his eyes went wide and his hands flew up to protect his nose from the book that was flying towards it."

And that would be in response to THIS post:

"Megan gaped at chet's audacity, and out of pure rage, she hefted up her math book and flung it across the table at his face."


You can have infinite storylines and infinite characters going on in different boards, which we call "Threads." And these characters have infinite choices because you never know where the story line will go, therefore making every turn and every action a complete surprise. As if reading a book for the first time, or seeing a movie you'd never seen before.

It is the very sweetest, most satisfying, most absolutely divine obligation to feel the distinct need to reply to those posts.


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