Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Poetry Update

So I've given you guys more then twenty or so poems. I'm making a change, here.

Firstly, I will still be writing a whole poem every day. However, I will only post one once a week for you to see.

I will still be accepting prompts on my facebook page, of course, as well.

But now it is my hope that you have enjoyed the poetry so far, because I plan to publish all 100 of them in a genuine, bon-a-fide, Oru-thology of poetry!

Once the 100 days are complete, I shall compile my works, select a self-publishing tool, edit and arrange (Complete with commentary of course!) And then post the link to purchase right up here on my blog!

I do hopw you follow me on this project, I think it'll be grand!


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