Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Poetry, Poetry & More Poetry

Greetings Oruvians

So the Book of Poetry is well on its way! I estimate another two weeks of production, including buying myself the test copy so I can edit or approve it, and sending out those last poems.

So far, according to the website, the book is 220+ pages, including illustrations and commentary, and goes for only $30.00! (Which is great becasue If I allowed this to be sold in bookstores, it would have upped the price by 20 bucks, which I think is ridiculous. This way, yes, it can only be ordered through amazon, BUT at least its cheaper. Good trade off, right? So even if it becomes a hit, I could always up the price and expand to sell through stores.....)

Anyway, yeah also it would only be able to be purchased through and Not bad, right?

In other news, I have deleted the posts on this blog where my poetry is flashing around! Anything from the 100 days is no longer visible on this site!

Cheers :)


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