Tuesday, July 12, 2016

100 Days of Poetry: Published!


So I released my 100 Days of Poetry! It is available here at AMAZON and then on the CreateSpace Website itself!

The only thing I saw so far that made me face-palm is that the title displayed on the website and the one on the actual cover are slightly different - The website says: "100 Days of Poetry; A Journey of Verse."

The actual cover of the book says: "100 Days of Poetry; A Journey in Verse."

No REAL biggie. I proofread the rest of it about 8 times, so I'm pretty confident the inside is nice and tidy - WITH page numbers, to boot! That was fun to figure out. Converting from .doc to .pdf doesn't bring headers or footers with it, really, so that was obnoxious! Otherwise, it would randomly throw off the spacing, add blank pages and changed my font all the time. *sigh* Ah well - its all good now!

So anyway!
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