Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Walker Journals

And here I explain my inspiration.

The Walker Journals were done by a friend of mine. Currently, there are 5 episodes circling the youtube universe, and you can find them all HERE.

The first one, like many firsts, is where he's gettign his bearings. Getting used to the camera, the props, the environment, working out his own inner scripting. It's still very good - but just WAIT until you get to number 3 - Gearing Up, it is both dark and has moments of hilarity.

Any gamers in the house? THAT will be your favorite episode. He even goes so far as to not shave his face, to give us a nice little view of a sleep deprived, near-starved survivor, who is way too on edge to be putting any sharp objects near his own face.

One of my favorites was Episode 4: titled "Zombie Sweet Spots". As opposed to the light hearted and near jovial tone of the 3rd one, this one takes me for a spin. He actually demonstrates impressive emotion as he tells his audience about another survivor he stumbled across. Broke my friggin heart.

Give credit where Credit is due, I say! And if it hadn't been for this man and his awesomeness, I would not have made my crappy little 6 minute video about the end of the world. :)


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