Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Hate Combat

Allow me to present a rather frustrationg algorithm for you.

In order to get the desired result (which is "A Playable Role Playing Game System That Anyone Can Enjoy") Please complete the following equation.

Time / Character creation, Combat mechanics, Modifiers, skills, attributes, merits, quirks, backgrounds, starting races and bonuses, penalties, lore, bestiary, all other world-crafting anomalies.

(Convert minutes to an appropriate numerical value to encompass the creation of all the above things.)

Everything is easy. EXCEPT Combat. Combat is more like this:

Combat = melee - defense + bonuses provided by any number of the above anomalies.

Which in theory seems easy. To me, this simple equation looks like 

A = (xy/3) [(Grr + %50 chance of blah) + (nonsensical skills - Opponents nonsensical skills)]
ALL divided by the fact that I hate math and why can't I just make a game that people can play without being giant picky troll-faces who hate everything!?!?!


1 comment:

  1. I actually do not like combat either. I am horrible at it. It's probably the main reason why Gwen developed the way she did. To avoid having to write it for at least one person. Haha.