Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you gorge yourself on chocolate like I certainly plan to!

Now that we've gotten our pleasantries out of the way -

I have another project going. I call it "Zephyr IV: Travel Logs".

I wrote a short story many years ago. It was one of my very first attempts at Science Fiction. I wrote it in the form of a Crew member's travel logs, and it outlines a journey across outer space in a small shipping vessell. In the original story something goes terribly awry, and some sort of space-illness breaks out on the ship. Since I was very young, this was before I knew the Glory of 'firefly' so I only now make the connection between my fictional Illness and the Reavers from the show.

So My project entails afresh start to this attempt, inspired by E O Hatterpol and his tales on the Flybrary (Godspeed, my friend!). Mine will be a fictional enterprise, much akin tot he Tales of Therusia, however, I will be exercising my Infinite Characterization to embody a crewmember and write log entries on her behalf.

The beginning stage is at approximately 57% completion, so I will keep you posted. :)

Happy Easter Again! Cheers to new projects!


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