Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Comic Review: Fey Winds

Fey Winds, written and Illustrated by the Fantabulous Nicole Chartrand.

It is Fantasy based, following a band of misfit adventurers - an elven woman named Larina who is sporting a magic gem in her forehead that allows spirits to temporarily possess her; A Mercenary named Nigel with spiffy scars and seemingly endless patience for; a girl who is part fox, who was enchanted to be thus by a crazy witch, who is still getting a grip on some human social queues. Later on they gain the company of a dorky princeling who changes into a Dragon when he gets scared, (Syd), and a back-stabbing, gutless Faun-like-demon guy named Zeph.

Their adventures uncover the mysteries behind a legendary hero named The Sylphe, and another dark evil whp has a surprisingly hilarious band of minions called (you guessed it) 'The Minionz'.

The Art is well done and very engaging.

Ms. Chartrand is particularly skilled with expressions. For a few examples:

As hilarious as it starts out in the first chapter, it develops over time into a delightfully spirited (pun intended) romp in a thorughly fleshed out world. One of my favorite parts is the interactive map that she provides!

The updates are dependable, and the bonus material for voting for her comic is always a treat. I am a constant reader, and I feel like any of those who dabble in the reading of fantasy (Or perhaps MTG or comics, or RPG, etc...) will also find this comic set fantastic. GO!

Not only this, but she dabbles in both the Chibi adorableness and the serious epic brutality that some online comics boast about!! Both heart wrenching and HILARIOUS! In her own words:

Fey Winds is a stark, brutal portrayal of the heartbreak caused by pet
dander -- no wait --
Fey Winds is a silly fantasy webcomic thats halfway between spoof and epic

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