Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why, exactly?

No one has asked this, save for myself. Then again, I guess I ask it enough of myself so that no one else really has to.

Why do I do this? Write on this blog and do that silly comic, and throw out my opinions all the time?

It's not as if I think people are going to become fantastically inspired and change the world becasue of what I'm saying - though that would be awesome, won't lie to you there. I don't think that THIS is the medium where I will (If I am destined to) become renowned for my wit and craftiness. I do not see myself as the present day Shakespeare and I don't flatter myself to think that my writing is the end-all be-all of epic fantasy and fiction.

Come on now. That's just silly.

So why do I do it?

At first I think it may have been about my ego. Which is funny, considering that I'm not the most self-confident person out there. I have my insecurities. And then I think it was the novel idea of strangers reading and enjoying what I write. The idea that I could bring a grin to someone's face or touch them in some way with my words made me so... euphoric. Like a good drug, really. I think it may have happened a few times.

Now? Well, it gets me writing. It is ever important to keep writing. No matter the mood, no matter the content - just write. Write to live. I feel like journals are intrical. If you cannot express yourself, how would you be able to express dozens of characters that you made up? Certainly not accurately.

So maybe I just see it as an exercise. Or maybe I am validating my feelings where I can have some possible viable witnesses to see it.

But whatever the reason, if you are reading or not, I think I'll keep going. Who knows - maybe I'll figure stuff out. Or maybe this will be worth something someday.

Thanks for reading


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  1. You're a writer. You do it because you have to. I know because when I neglect my muse, she guilt trips me.