Friday, April 8, 2011

New Goals!

Greetings followers of the Oru!

Let me just say how much I enjoyed doing that free stuff give-away. I like giving things to people - thats my favorite part of most holidays, in fact.

However It's not as fun when there aren't a bajillion people with their hands raised, clamoring for the random items that could go to THEIR doorstep! Don't get me wrong, I love each and every one of you who applied for this thingie, and I managed to put all the entries into a rocks glass and shake it up real good... but I have to admit...

I KNOW That you guys love me - even YOU. The one who secretly looks at my blog without signing up for the following and the contests and the things. Don't be afraid - I'm not going to bite you! Come out! I would love to meet you!

SO. Here's the rub. I will accumulate a ton of fun stuff - Oru approved Items - until the day that we (The BLOG) reaches 50 FOLLOWERS.

On that day I will announce another give-away, of epic proportions!

Ready yourselves, readers! Spread the good word of fun times and wierd blogging! go forth and accumulate followers!

Until Then - If My ORU page on Facebook gets to 50 followers - There will be ANOTHER opportunity for free stuff!



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