Saturday, April 23, 2011

Haircuts Part II

Another thing about haircuts, before I continue my work shift:

I love people's reactions to said haurcut. We get all types, don't we? You get that one friend who has a bit of a lip crinkle and says, "oh. You got a haircut." Luckily, I have not received that yet. (Here's hoping.)

We also get those reactions fro people you didn't think would notice. Allow me to explain.

I work in Housekeeping. I know all of my housekeepers by name, and on occasion we BS a bit together, complaining about the job, laughing about how messy peoploe are, that sort of thing. I got into work just as they were finishing up, and on their departure - Not a one of them noticed my hair - or they just thought it was someone else. That didn't bother me a bit. In fact, the other Housekeepign Supervisor (My new superior) noticed, thinking it was a new girl at the desk. We had a laugh about that afterwards.

In housekeeping there are also two other sections we run. Laundry and Houseperson. (houseperson is the one who looks over the cleanliness of all the hotel common areas and offices. Vaccuming, general dusting, etc...) The Laundry man is a doll. A Complete Doll. He will do his laundry to the tunes of Dean Martin mixed with cha cha mixed with Spanish crooners and then back to Sinatra.

Well this man comes to the front desk to get himself a soda for the ride home, and he gives me a genuine double take as he hands me his $1.50. Then he goes, "WAOW, Yessica! WAOW!" And yes, the 'A' in there is a necessity.

He gives me two big thumbs up and a great little smile and waves as he leaves.

And as direct contrast and just as delightful, My co-worker comes in for his shift, looks at my hair and says, "what happened to your head?"

My response was a Lawnmower.

It got him to smile.



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