Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To: The World

My dearest friend,

Lately I feel like things have been a bit strained between us. I'm sorry if I have been stand-offish, or rude, and I know I may have acted spitefully on several occasions... but I suppose I was just hurt by your behavior towards me.

We used to be such great friends! Thoroughly enjoying each other company, going on adventures, relaxing, taking in the sights and sounds and feelings of our youth...

What happened to you?

I remember a world that would not suffer fools, wouldn't take crap from anyone, and sought vengeance for any wrongs done to her. For a while there you really had me scared. I saw all the crap that people do to you and it makes me so sad. And watching this... seeing you just sit there and take it, well, I found it hard to respect you. So I got angry, because I still loved you.

And as you got more and more wounded, I got more and more angry, and I knew there was nothing I could do for you except do a lot of talking. But you're my friend. I want to do more.

I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you. So I wanted to say I'm sorry that I judge you so harshly... but I can tell that you're trying to make things right. In your own twisted little ways, you're trying. I can't say that I approve of your methods... but hey, thats why I'm writing this.

I hate that I can't get away from you no matter how hard I try. You're everywhere around me, and all I want to be is unseen. You think I'M a harsh judge? That's another thing, World, you are a far harsher judge than I, I don't care who says what. I am not my own worst critic. Not by a long shot.

Which I could never understand... You're sitting there bleeding out, drugged and busted, and you're giving ME the eye? How dare you.

But... Enough of that. We both have to move on and survive. It will hurt, granted, but we have to. What other choice to we have, World? You can't die, and I don't want to. So suffering our own existances will have to suffice for now.

Good Luck, World.


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