Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Decorations

Here at the hotel, one thing we don't skimp as much on is decorations. (However, that could be argued, considering most of the times it's the dollar store, or someone's hand-me-downs. But I digress.)

After Thanksgiving, and I mean immediately, Christmas decorations had taken their place. After New Years, those were torn down and relpaced with tacky red hearts and pinkand purple flowers. As soon as it was February 15th, they came down and the cheesy Easter colors came out.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers. I honestly do, I think they are beautiful and unique. And it's even better when they smell good, of course. But We have over 2 dozen little pots of Tulips slowly decaying all over the lobby areas now. If she had ever gardened in her life, she would probably have realized that this whole NO UV in the crappy lighting would drain them dry eventually. The windows are big, but despite the weather being recently crappy, there is also the issue of keeping the blinds down to we don't blind ourselves at the desk.

The purple tulipd were the first to go. Now all that's in those purple pots are long empty stems and slowly curling leaves. The next ones, only now starting to show signs of wear are the white ones. The yellow ones are holding up nicely, and I'm cheering for them...

So it's not the flowers I'm calling 'cheesy easter decorations.' Dollar store pop-open plastic eggs, wooden, poorly painted easter bunnies, cardboard cut-outs of easter eggs and baskets taped to the breakfast buffet and the ceiling....

Now I say go for it. decorate if you want to. But we're corporate, here. If we're oing to decorate for YOUR favorite holiday, you damn well better cater to all of them!

Now for the kicker -

Did you know my boss refused to decorate for Halloween? Called it a waste of time.


Feel my pain!

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