Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 9810 of my Life

Yay for math!

So how about that? 9,810 days I have been alive! Let's see how I can break this down...

4038 days of sleeping. (Approx. Maybe. I sleep in LATE when I can. Not so often recently, but ah well.)

5,200 days of daydreaming.

8,500 days of mild insecurity.

1,172 days of severe insecurity. (Approx. This also doubles as my self loathing time.)

2,000 days of being in love. (Approx.)

1,010 days of being loved.

720 days of having my own place.

1,745 days of maturity (In moderate doses.)

30 days of doing my own online comic.

740 days of having my own Blog.

12 days of complete sleep deprivation. (Approx.)

9,810 days of having no idea what to do with the rest of my life, and yet being both strangely content and utterly devastated with that drifting, listless freedom.


Count your days!

(Calculated by using 365 days in a year. Forget that leap year stuff. So yes, my math is wrong. :P )

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