Monday, May 16, 2011

A Random Moment

This may very well fall under the Category of a Rant. May I offer my sincerest appologies now.

I need a new job. The one I have now is run by a petulant little brat and her ex-con son. The employees here live in fear of losing their jobs at the drop of a hat or the climax of a mood swing. We all know how much poison runs through the veins of this place, but one of us at a time is unable to clean it out. I feel like I want to start a revolution. I want to rebel against this faux-matriarchy and strike down our oppressor! (Well to be perfectly honest, the only one I would want to strike down is the trailer-trash, excessively idiotic, chintzy-tattoo-wearing, thugged out and completely asinine sone of hers.)

I do not feel comfortable here. I feel over qualified and under paid. I feel used and taken advantage of. And if this was a fair and loving world, I could go up to her, tell her I quit and just LEAVE without a second glance. However, we all know that it doesn't work that way. The world is a cruel, mercilessp lace, and sorry to say, but WE made it that way. If I were to give her my 2 weeks notice, I would get an extra week and then be unemployed without pay. Because she is a horrible human being with the meat of her conscious being eaten slowly away by her own weakness.

She has to get rid of her son, find a new career, and leave our lives so that all of us poor idiots can finally take a deep breath and get on with our hopes and dreams.

Someone find me a new job before I tip over the edge?

Pretty please?


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