Friday, May 20, 2011

Tickets, Tickets, Everyone!

I got a ticket this morning.

I was speeding. I was late for work. It was allright though, because he COULD have pinned me for having an expired inspection. Nice guy.

I sent it in as 'not guilty' and informed my parents that a ticket would be headed their way. Huzzah. :p.

I hope the officer has the kindness of heart not to show up on the day chosen for my court date. *grumble*

This does not delay my plans.

I have things to do!

1.) See my Brother whomp-ass in his boxing/fighting competition tomorrow! So excited to see him be bad-ass!

2.) Continuously check my e-mail and my phone for any and all updates of an employment or an appartment nature.

3.) Keep scouring for new a new job.

4.) Have some very rarely attained 'me' time. Like, all by myself. I could draw! I could write! I could nap! I could play video games! I could order a Pizza just for me! I could cook cheese! I could dance around in my undies! I could sing along to really bab pop music that I have hidden on my ipod!

*sigh* But then I'll have to go to sleep all lonely for the next few nights.



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