Monday, May 2, 2011


There's this one tree outside the hotel that always seems to catch my attention. It is at the end of a row of parking spaces, just as you leave the rear exit of the building. It is situated upon an island of green grass, beside a lamp-post that is just about the same height, if not a touch shorter at this point.

Usually, I look at this tree, and am reminded of the season approaching. Wenever I have an evening shift, and I walk outside to my car at the end of it, I can see the tree illuminated with a backdrop of lawn, trees and night sky. I chose to ignore the sounds of the highway as they blare by between trees and sky, and in my mind it looks almost perfect. Every winter the snow on it is a reflective diamond of facets, and every spring, the buds and tiny white petals are a fresh, clean reminder of warmer weather.

Durring the day, it is no less pretty, especially now with it's flowers blooming, tiny white petals shedding off and blanketing the grass and parking lot around it.

I am very happy.


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