Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here we are, ladies and gentlemen. On the precipice. In the words of Flemeth, "You cannot be afraid to Leap!"

I remember moving up to North Adams the first time, my very first day away from the family and the familiarity. (It wasn't pretty. I was not happy.) I try to draw comparisons between then and now. I live on my own now, when before I had been surrounded by people. I could not bring anyone with me then, but now I can bring My Love along, as well as a comfortable group of friends. I was clueless and lost the first time, and now I will have my bearings, and readapt to the surroundings.

The other elements concern me, however. Moving from the comforts of a WELL KNOWN job, knowing the ins and outs... and going to nearly completely alien circumstances. A whole new work environment, new people to get to know, a new commute to get used to... Bigger paycheck to siphon out to the many different avenues that need financial filling in the money PIT OF HELL that is my life....

I have about 2 weeks if I get this job. 2 weeks to find a place. 2 weeks to move all my stuff. 2 weeks to party as hard as I can with all my buddies.



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