Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello from the Void!

*sneaks onto the internet*

Very subtle, no?

We have settled in rather nicely! The appartment is up and running, though one of our A/C units is... not. Our fridge is stocked with easy-to-make food, and our laundryis piling up in a healthy fashion! The job is splendid, and the NA friends have been welcoming! (Except those who haven't seen my place yet, *coughcoughalexcoughcough*

I miss all my NY buddies, my old work pals, and my folks/brother/family as well. I wish I could write more to you fine folks, but know that the Oru DOES exist, and she is fighting for internet in her appartment, so I no longer have to sneak to and fro for the occasional flyby!

Hope everything is well!


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