Friday, September 20, 2013


In the past 6 months, allow me to give you the current events on my current town of residence. Oh excuse me, technically, North Adams is a City. My Bad. It started out with intermittent stabbings. Three, in fact, at least in the same bar. My car was broken into and my ipod stolen during this phase. After that, several burglaries dotted the landscape, the climax of these robbings taking place during broad daylight. It was The Cornner Store (Not even a 2 minte walk from my house) where the attendant/owner/lady (in her 60s, mind you) was gagged, bound, and hidden behind the counter, suffering from abrasions and lacerations. They also severed the phone lines so she could not call for help. Se was found some hours afterwards. Last week some asshole took a cab from Connecticut to our 'fair' city, and upon exiting te cab, he robbed the driver at knifepoint. Thankfully, that douche was arrested. And this past week, An 85 (approx) year old woman was shot on Walker Street. According to google maps, it is 6 minutes from my house. And to top it off, (and beats the hell out of me why THIS is the icing on the cake,) I had a cute little do-hicky thing in my lawn. Made of colored glass, on a metal stick that vaguely resembled a flying bug of some kind perching on a leaf. It was nice. Harmless. A GIFT, to boot. And this past week, some mindless, inbred, probably shit-faced ingrate decided it would be fun to tae my property and smash it into thousands of pieces on the cement. This act, because I know it was a sturdy piece of lawn art, must have taken several tries to complete. It was so degraded in the assault that all I had left, strewn in my path on the way to my car in the morning, were two pieces of metal wire and a few chips of indiscernable glass. I wish I didn't sleep so deeply, because I would have gone out there with my flipping zombie-slayer and relieved said bastardization of humnity of the obviously defective brain that weighed on their shoulders. I would have scooped it out of the half -skull that would have remained and shoved it down his raspy, coke-addicted, meth-satrated throat. Why did I move here again? -Oru

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  1. You moved there because it seemed like a better quality of life. A huge ass apartment for the same amount of money you were paying for a tiny attic with the same amount of street crime. Definitely still sucks, I never did understand how and why people can be so goddamn thoughtless. We still miss you.