Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful Days

Days like today make me want to be a painter.

I would want to go outside with my easel, paints and brushes, and capture the essence of the skies. I would want to be able to characterize the wispy tendrils of cloud that linger in our atmosphere. I want to be able to move my brushes to the rhythms that the trees sway in the breeze. I want to be able to depict the dance moves that birds in flight perform in their ariel ballet.

I want to be able to pour out all the happiness that I've ever had onto a canvas, smear it around to mirror the beauty I see around me, and show it to others as proof that there is good in this world. I want to feel the smooth, slick silk of the pains beneath my fingertips as I blur the lines between dreams and real life. I want to accidentally get bright colors on my face and clothes so that everyone knows that I've been up to something fun. I want evidence to surround me of this world, and how we humans have not yet succeeded in destroying it. Then I want to bask in it myself.

I want everyone to know the explosive happiness that I feel just by looking outside at the sun filtering through the lace of canopy, creating Piccaso Portraits on the pavement.

I want you to be happy with me!


1 comment:

  1. You have a habit of saying things that sound like thoughts I've had. I like it. I usually wish that I could draw the things that I see, rather than paint, but the idea is the same; I want to share the things inside of me that the things outside of me make me feel.

    I would love to be happy with you too.