Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today the sun is shining. Wisps of cloud dot across the sky, but only their pale greys and whites interrupt the expanse of blue. I like it.

The sun warms where a chilly autumn wind kisses and pulls the color from your hair and singes it delicately on the bridge of your nose. The smell of crisp leaves and the approaching bite of frost tickles your senses as you crunch through the fresh cut grass across the lawn.

You imagine all of this as you stand behind a desk. Gazing at the sky through panes of thick glass. Happy, fun music plays on the radios and it makes you smile. Your back hurts, and your legs are sore, and your hip keeps popping funny and your tailbone cracked this morning - but you have things to look forward to. so you stick it out. After all, you only have three and a half hours left until your freedom becons to you!

And then you will see his sarcastic smirk, or his devilish grin, or even the broad smile of a full throated evil little laugh. And that in turn - will make you smile. Your back pains will be soothingly rubbed away, the fact that your body cracks in funny ways will be a funny conversation starter, and you can recline to rest your sore legs next to him as you watch a movie.


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