Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Days

I feel that there are two kinds of Good Days.

The first kind is strictly aesthetic. The sun is shining in the sky, the morning dew glistens on the autumn leaves, it is a brisk, yet refreshing temperature outside, with perhaps the barest kiss of a breeze. Good music keeps playing on the radio, your windows are open just a crack, and the birds are singing in the trees. People have been nice to you almost all day, and anyone that hasn't been has been dwarfed by the lovliness of the day itself.

I like to call those, "I F*cking love my life" days.

The second kind of Good Day is triggered by awesome events or wonderful news. Where the sky might not be brightly shining, and the breeze may be a bit stronger then you prefer, but the news just makes everything that much more glimmering with the light of inescapable optimism.

For example:

This morning, the chef surprised me with pancakes. And I discovered that our manager won't just let us dress up for Halloween - she encourages us to!

It is going to be a damn fine day.

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