Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Point of Pride

My 'infinite characterization' is not just about my own personal growth of character. Granted, part of it is based on the theory that no person every stays the same, that they are constantly changing and developing. Of course, this silly little blog was a little idea to map out the progress of many things relating to me. My writing style (If I have one), my own personal development, the dynamics that grow and die between myself and others... Even little things like the development of my employment.

You know. Crap like that.

But there's something else about me that I feel bound to point out. A minor little detail that colors my life in infinite rainbow prisms. I call it my own personal CPU: Character Processing Unit. As in literally - creating a character out of thin air, twisting the clay to form arms and legs - maybe a limp - christening it with a name and puffing air into it's cheeks.

Go ahead, call me a nerd. I don't mind. I may as well wear a badge. But I admit freely that when I step into the mind of another person (Or persons) for the sake of telling a story - and of course, rolling a few die every now and again - I enjoy it. A lot. it is the epitome of escapism, daydreaming made 'real' and not only that, but there are others there to enjoy it with you.

When a friend of mine writes me a post card from Turkey and says on it that a particular place reminded her of a fantasy world I made up - well, it was... divine. I feel no greater hapiness then when those I share my worlds with, my characters, my creatures, magics and far off places with, actually come to ME to do more. Actually tell ME about times they thought of my made-up heroes. Confess to ME about how they made a playlist, or a drawing, or a poem about the Dragon Brethren, or the Blue-haired MaelKai Princess, or the Anxious First Mate who's pretty much resigned himself to the excentricities of his Captain and his chosen compatriots.

And I declare, with a full heart, that I feel wonderful.

Thank you, fellow die-rollers, character creators, Improvisational masters, and role players.

You have completed my life. :)


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