Thursday, December 10, 2009

Orbital Patterns

What does your life rotate around?

I like to think that I focus on and strive for creation. To inspire others, to make connections with others, to love and be loved, to care and be cared for. I like to think I live around the feeling of accomplishment in my writing, or the happiness I get from giving a gift. I like to think that I am devoted to widening my sphere of personal joy and pride. It would also be nice to think that I live to make other people smile.

And I'm sure, in our own ways, we try. At least, we put on that facade. You know what the dissapointing thing is? Once we get over our own egos enough to see the reality of this dreary, monotonous existance?

The real center of this societal universe comes in many denominations. Many forms, in great ammounts or small, in different materials and in different increments. And it's money.

As unfortunate as it is, it's true. How can we feel the happiness of giving a gift if we cannot buy one to give? Or buy the crafts to make our own? How can we feel pride in what we do, if everyone else is too busy to share it with us because of work, earning money to buy this, to pay off that, to pay for this bill or that bill... How can we feel the thrill of going new places and seeing new things and accomplishing our dreams when, for example, our credit score is garbage? Or we have to pay off loans for the next million years of our lives?

How has this world been able to put a price tag on everyone's dreams? What cruel God saw fit to price everything out and then point and chuckle when we come up with empty pockets? What diety sits there and grins when we realize that we may not be living to spend money for ourselves, but to make money to survive? To LIVE someplace warm in the winter, to have food and clothes?

It certainly wasn't Therus.


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